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It’s been almost two weeks since Jenelle Evans’ kids were removed from her home by North Carolina CPS officials.

At the time, it didn’t seem possible that the troubled Teen Mom 2 star’s situation could deteriorate any further.

But as she’s done so many times before, Jenelle proved to us that she doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “rock bottom.”

Whether she’s bringing guns to court or refusing to part ways with David Eason, the woman doesn’t help her own cause.

Yes, Jenelle has been exacerbating her already-dire circumstances at every turn, making us wonder what she’s thinking.

Clearly, thinking isn’t her strong suit, but Jenelle’s behavior has led some to speculate that she doesn’t even want her kids.

Nathan Griffith, the father of of her second son Kaiser and now the boy’s primary caretaker, seems to think so.

Here’s what we know about situation: