Nathan Griffith: Jenelle Evans Refuses to See Kaiser and He's Happier Without Her! [UPDATED]

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It's been almost two weeks since Jenelle Evans' kids were removed from her home by North Carolina CPS officials.

At the time, it didn't seem possible that the troubled Teen Mom 2 star's situation could deteriorate any further.

But as she's done so many times before, Jenelle proved to us that she doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "rock bottom."

Whether she's bringing guns to court or refusing to part ways with David Eason, the woman doesn't help her own cause.

Yes, Jenelle has been exacerbating her already-dire circumstances at every turn, making us wonder what she's thinking.

Clearly, thinking isn't her strong suit, but Jenelle's behavior has led some to speculate that she doesn't even want her kids.

Nathan Griffith, the father of of her second son Kaiser and now the boy's primary caretaker, seems to think so.

Here's what we know about situation:

1. Kai Times

Kai Times
Jenelle lost custody of her son Kaiser and her daughter Ensley on May 10. CPS removed the children from her home, along with 11-year-old Maryssa Eason, David's daughter from a previous relationship.

2. Lonely on the Land

Lonely on the Land
Jenelle had already lost custody of her eldest son, Jace, who has been raised by his grandmother for most of his life. Eason also has a son whom he's not permitted to see.

3. Parents of the Year

Parents of the Year
Needless to say, Jenelle and David aren't exactly killing it in the parenting department these days.

4. Jenelle's Hell

Jenelle's Hell
Insiders say Jenelle has been inconsolable since her kids were moved to safer environments. But her efforts to regain custody have been abysmal.

5. The First of Many Hearings

Jenelle and David attended a CPS meeting last week, and they screwed it up even worse than their critics expected. As the video above shows, David arrived with a gun sitting on his dashboard for reasons that no one understands.

6. Divided Loyalties

Divided Loyalties
Jenelle is not under investigation by CPS, but David is. Insiders say she could likely regain custody by leaving Eason, but it appears she's unwilling to do so.

7. An Unforgivable Act

An Unforgivable Act
David, of course, attracted the attention of authorities when he shot and killed Jenelle's dog in a fit of rage.

8. A Long Road Ahead

A Long Road Ahead
Now, it looks as though if Jenelle and David EVER regain custody of their kids, the process will take several months, at minimum.

9. In Good Hands

In Good Hands
Fortunately, the couple's children have been placed with caring and capable family members.

10. Greener Pastures

Greener Pastures
Maryssa and Ensley have reportedly been placed with a grandparent on David's side of the family, while Kaiser has been living with his father, Nathan Griffith.

11. Nate & Kai

Nate & Kai
Nathan has been posting constant photos of himself and Kaiser. It could be that he's just happy to spend time with his son ... but some fans think there's more to the story.

12. Kaiser at Rest

Kaiser at Rest
It's widely believed that Nathan is posting so many pics of Kaiser at least in part to torment Jenelle.

13. Insult to Injury

Insult to Injury
Nathan has posted countless photos of Kaiser hanging out with his fiancee, Ashley. There's no doubt that at least part of him enjoys the public nature of these pictures and knowing his longtime adversary Jenelle is seeing what a great time they're apparently having.

14. Jealous Jenelle ... or Secretly Not?

Jealous Jenelle ... or Secretly Not?
Since Evans has stated in the past that she would do everything in her power to prevent Kaiser from living with Nathan and Ashley, it's safe to assume this is a waking nightmare for the disgraced reality star. Then again, she hasn't been going out of her way to see the boy, according to reports.

15. Wait ... is Jenelle REFUSING to Even VISIT Kaiser?

Wait ... is Jenelle REFUSING to Even VISIT Kaiser?
While he may be rubbing the current turn of events in her face on social media, according to TMZ, Nathan wants Jenelle to visit Kaiser. He just doesn't want David Eason around, and because of this, she refuses to visit her own kid. If that's true, it's simply incredble and makes us seriously question her mental health. It's worth nothing that according to TMZ, she has FaceTimed with Kai since he went to live with Nate. (Ed. Note: Apologies for using this old photo, it's just too hilarious not to.)

16. Keeping Mum ... For the Moment

Keeping Mum ... For the Moment
For now, Jenelle has yet to comment on any of this in a public forum. Evans is constrained by a gag order at the moment, and any commentary on the situation could hurt her chances of regaining custody. (That is, if she even wants it.)

17. Not One to Hold Back, as We All Know

Not One to Hold Back, as We All Know
You can bet that behind closed doors, she's expressing some strong opinions about Nathan and Ashley. Then again Jenelle has a lot of other things on her plate these days ... like an insane husband and two additional kids taken away from her.

18. A Complex Situation

A Complex Situation
Many fans have pointed out that Nathan, despite his portrayal of herself as Mr. Dad of the Year right now, is less than an ideal guardian in his own right, and he could have done far more to extricate his child from his dangerous situation on The Land.

19. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff
For well over a year, Nathan has been complaining on social media and Teen Mom 2 that he fears his son is not safe living with Jenelle and David.

20. One Dangerous Dad

One Dangerous Dad
And David's violent temper wasn't the only thing presenting a threat to Kaiser, Ensley, and Maryssa.

21. The Hurricane Kid

The Hurricane Kid
During Hurricane Florence in 2018, for example, Jenelle and David refused to follow evacuation orders, and they posted pics of Kaiser splashing in the mud and making his way through a darkened house as evidence that he was safe. Yes, this actually happened.

22. Nugget the Martyr

Nugget the Martyr
But it wasn't until David shot and killed Jenelle's French bulldog, Nugget, that Nathan and his mother were able to demonstrate that Eason is a threat and have Kaiser removed from the home.

23. Close Call

Close Call
As soon as it became clear that Jenelle planned to remain with the violent maniac who murdered her dog, authorities acted fast and rescued her children.

24. No Time to Waste

No Time to Waste
Within days, an investigation was launched, and the three kids who still lived with Jenelle and David were relocated.

25. The Fight For Kai

The Fight For Kai
Nathan has been accused of not doing enough to protect his son, but it's worth noting that it's very, very difficult to have a mother stripped of custody in all but the most extreme circumstances, and that he says he's acting in the boy's best interest alone, not out of spite toward his ex-fiancee.

26. Major Improvement

Major Improvement
Whatever his motivations, and whatever is going on with Jenelle and David, Nathan is reportedly committed to being the best father he can be these days ... and his mother, Doris, is living with him and helping to care for Kai. That's a good thing.

27. The Battle Ahead

The Battle Ahead
Jenelle and Nathan have squared off in court several times over the past few years, and they're set to go before a judge yet again on May 30. That is, unless she has a change of heart.

28. Does She Not Even Want the Boy Back?

Does She Not Even Want the Boy Back?
As we suggested earlier, Jenelle isn't doing much to help her own cause, and if she remains with Eason - to the point where she's refusing to see Kaiser without the madman present - it's unlikely Griffith (or a judge) will be sympathetic to her plight.

29. No Easy Victory, or Easy Answers

No Easy Victory, or Easy Answers
As Teen Mom 2 viewers know, Jenelle is a formidable foe, and the fight is sure to be an ugly one. But this time - for the first time - the odds are in Nathan's favor.

30. Better Than The Land!

Better Than The Land!
For now, we should all just be grateful that Kaiser is no longer at risk of being abused or mistreated by his violent stepfather. Nathan's far from perfect, but David Eason is truly an unstable individual.

31. A Mess of Her Own Making

A Mess of Her Own Making
The fact that Jenelle is outraged is obviously a major bonus for those of us who enjoy the entertainment value, but you have to worry about the fate of these kids over the long run.

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