Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney: Are They Really as Happy as They Seem?

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Maci Bookout has a very busy life.

She's married to Taylor McKinney, and they have two young children together.

They're also raising her older son, Bentley, while struggling to co-parent with Ryan Edwards, who spent much of this year in jail.

On top of all of that, she films for Teen Mom OG, does work to raise awareness for PCOS, and then of course there's Things That Matter, the clothing company she and Taylor run together.

It's a lot, right?

So why haven't we heard from her much lately?

1. The McKinneys

The McKinneys
So Maci and Taylor have been together since late 2012 -- that's almost seven years. So basically an eternity in the Teen Mom universe (Catelynn and Tyler don't count).

2. Making a Family

Making a Family
They got married in 2016, they've had two children together, Jayde and Maverick, and Taylor is an incredible stepdad to Bentley, the son Maci shares with Ryan Edwards.

3. Father of the Decade?

Father of the Decade?
He's extra incredible, considering Ryan's serious heroin addiction and all the time he's spent in jail and rehab in recent years. There's no question that Taylor has been around for Bentley much, much more than Ryan has, and he really doesn't seem to love him any differently than his biological kids.

4. Lots of Work

Lots of Work
Maci and Taylor have their hands full with three kids and a troubled co-parent in Ryan, but they also own and manage a successful clothing company, Things That Matter, and of course they film Teen Mom OG for months at a time.

5. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
All that would be a lot to handle for any couple, right?

6. Suspicious?

And yeah, there's been a ton of crazy news from other Teen Moms lately, but we really haven't heard much at all from Maci. Could she and Taylor be having problems, is that why they've been so quiet?

7. Sorry, But ...

Sorry, But ...

8. So Weird!

So Weird!
We checked in on Maci since we haven't heard from her in a while, but it looks like she's avoiding drama and living a beautiful life with her beautiful family. Crazy, right?

9. Awww!

She shared this photo of Taylor with Bentley at a baseball game a few weeks ago -- Bentley's team won a championship, and Taylor is the team's coach.

10. Guys, Stop!

Guys, Stop!
Isn't that just sickeningly sweet? Taylor is the best.

11. Daddy Daughter Time

Daddy Daughter Time
If you needed more evidence of that, here's Taylor with Jayde during a "daddy daughter date night."

12. So Cute!

So Cute!
And here's a shot from a video he posted of Maverick -- he says the two-year-old asks to play t-ball every single day!

13. Go, Bentley!

Go, Bentley!
They obviously love all the kids the same, but it looks like Taylor really bonds with Bentley over sports -- just yesterday, Taylor was showing off the kid's golf swing!

14. Dang, Benny!

Dang, Benny!
Maci also shared this photo of Bentley with some members from his track team -- apparently Bentley is super athletic! -- and wrote that "Bentley placed 4th in the 200 meter and the relay team placed 3rd! Way to go kiddos."

15. Our Hearts!

Our Hearts!
But last week, she shared a sweet family photo from a wrestling banquet they attended, and the things she wrote about it ... we've said it a few times already, but she and Taylor really are just the best.

16. So Sweet

So Sweet
"This season has been a milestone for Bentley as a wrestler and as a young man," Maci wrote. "Wrestling is an absolute blessing for him as he navigates through this hard season of life."

17. We're Not Crying, You're Crying

We're Not Crying, You're Crying
"A challenge, an emotional battle, an outlet, a pure mental & physical grind.. I am incredibly proud of his willingness to learn; learn to work, to push himself, to struggle, to overcome, to win, to lose, to never ever give anything less than 100%."

18. Team Bentley

Team Bentley
"And best of all he did this for himself," she added, "because he wanted to be better... all the way around."

19. So Proud!

So Proud!
She said that Bentley was given the 2019 Top Newcomer Award, and "While watching him get up to receive his award, I got something in my eye and it started watering a bit, but I could still see the look on his face and knew in his head he was telling himself that he was proud of himself."

20. More Tears

More Tears
"Wrestling is a special sport and Bentley is a special kid, and I’m thankful for his beautiful mind & soul and this sport."

21. OGs!

And outside of being a wife and a mother, she's obviously got some strong friendships with the rest of the current Teen Mom OG crew -- earlier this month, she went on vacation to Boca Raton with Amber, Catelynn, and Cheyenne.

22. So Sad

So Sad
Things are obviously going so well for Maci and Taylor, but that's not to say there's no drama anywhere -- after all, Ryan is still in the picture.

23. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
In the trailer for the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG, we see her looking at an article about Ryan's last arrest. She says she's still angry about everything he's done, but "It's not about be, it's about Bentley.

24. Pulling Through

Pulling Through
Still, with parents like Maci and Taylor on his side, we're sure Bentley will be able to handle everything going on with Ryan, no matter how tragic it's been.

25. Yay, McKinneys!

Yay, McKinneys!
So much Teen Mom gossip has been about Jenelle losing custody of her kids or Farrah being awful or some other upsetting, negative thing ... so what a breath of fresh air these two are, right?

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