Nathan Griffith to David Eason: I'm Such a Better Dad Than You, Bro!

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At this point, it's been so long since Jenelle Evans and David Eason's kids were removed from their home, the couple is probably struggling to remember what raising children was actually like.

But if they ever want a reminder, they need look no further than Nathan Griffith's social media pages.

Griffith, of course, is the father of Jenelle's youngest son, Kaiser.

Now, he has full custody of Kai for the first time, and it seems he's loving every second of it.

It also looks as though Griffith is having fun demonstrating to the Easons what real parenting looks like.

Take a look:

1. Nate & Kai

Nate & Kai
Kaiser seems happier than ever now that he's living with Nathan. And Nate seems pretty darn ecstatic, as well.

2. A Loving Home

A Loving Home
In addition to Nathan, Kaiser is currently being looked after by Griffith's mother Doris and fiancee Ashley Lanhardt.

3. Paying Tribute

Paying Tribute
On Father's Day, Lanhardt gave a major shout-out to Nate in a heartfelt Twitter post.

4. Dad Vibes

Dad Vibes
"Happy Father’s Day to this special man," she wrote. Thank you for being such an amazing daddy to the kids & our fur babies!!! We love you."

5. Nate With Kai

Nate With Kai
In her photo collage, Ashley made sure to include a photo of Nathan spending time with Kai -- a right that Griffith has had to fight for much of the boy's life.

6. Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished
Clearly, Ashley's intention was to make Nathan realize how loved he is within their young family -- and it seems she did exactly that.

7. Photo Queen

Photo Queen
"You take such amazing pictures! That post made me cry. I was looking at our pictures and I was surprised how much you catch me off guard," Griffith replied to the post.

8. Capturing the Important Moments

Capturing the Important Moments
"I know it annoys me when you take so many pictures but looking at them always makes me so happy you do. Thank you for being you. I love you Ash," he concluded.

9. Sharing the Love

Sharing the Love
"I love you baby. I love capturing all of our memories," Lanhardt replied.

10. Time Flies

Time Flies
"As the kids grow older it's nice to look back and remember," she added. "Can't believe how big they both are getting and both have such a strong relationship with god. It's beautiful I love you baby."

11. Dual Purposes

Dual Purposes
Obviously, the main reason for posting the pics was to pay tribute to Nathan's love for his son. But there may have been a bonus reason, as well.

12. Rubbing It In

Rubbing It In
The post comes just hours after Jenelle shared a photo of her desolate backyard, along with a complaint that it's "too quiet."

13. Jenelle's Hell

Jenelle's Hell
One insider says Jenelle is "tormented" by her photos of her son appearing happy and healthy in the home of her ex and his new fiancee.

14. New Mom

New Mom
Perhaps not surprisingly, she's rumored to be particularly upset by pics of Kaiser and Ashley enjoying each other's company.

15. No Sympathy

No Sympathy
Of course, this is a mess that's entirely of Jenelle's creation, so if she's looking for sympathy -- from Nathan, from the public, from a family court judge -- she's probably barking up the wrong tree.

16. Squaring Off

Squaring Off
Jenelle was supposed to face off in court against Nathan for custody of Kaiser last month. That's been pushed back for obvious reasons.

17. When the Temporary Becomes Permanent

When the Temporary Becomes Permanent
The current arrangement is the result of a temporary custody ruling -- but Jenelle would have to work very hard to prove to the court she's capable of caring for her kids.

18. A Strong Case

A Strong Case
And all of the photographic evidence that Nathan's been compiling lately will likely only help his case.

19. An Eassy Feat

An Eassy Feat
Really, all Nathan has to do is prove that he's a better dad than David Eason.

20. The Worst

The Worst
And considering this guy shot the family dog and has been accused of abuse more times than anyone can count, that shouldn't be too difficult!

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