Nathan Griffith: Jenelle Evans Won't Let Me See Our Son... And She Will Pay for This

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Nathan Griffith is not messing around.

And Jenelle Evans better take note.

Indeed, while the former Teen Mom star has been parading around and celebrating ever since a judge ordered her kids get returned to her custody, Griffith has been plotting and stewing.

After having had five-year old Kaiser in his care for about a month while Evans attended court hearings and argued that she deserved to get him back, Nathan isn't content now to just sit back and let Jenelle raise the child on her own.

Especially not in light of the way she's been acting toward him.

Meaning what, exactly?

Scroll down to see what Griffith just said about his custody battle with Evans -- and how he has no plans to put an end to it until he comes out on top.

1. Jenelle and Nathan Do NOT Get Along

Jenelle and Nathan Do NOT Get Along
Understatement of the year here, really, but there's been no thaw in their relationship in years.

2. Griffith Loves Kaiser

Griffith Loves Kaiser
This really does seem to be the case, and the love was only exacerbated by how much time daddy and son got to spend together during Jenelle's custody battle.

3. And Now That He's Lost Kaiser Again?

And Now That He's Lost Kaiser Again?
Nathan seems more determined than ever to win him back.

4. This is What He Tweeted After Evans Was Awarded Kaiser by a Judge:

This is What He Tweeted After Evans Was Awarded Kaiser by a Judge:
“I’ve calmed down a bit and just relying on my faith at this moment."

5. But There Was More:

But There Was More:
"I’m not going to put my two cents in," he added, trying to sound neutral, prior to linking to a "NC Judicial Standards Complaint Form" and writing: "Any input will help. The judge’s name is Pauline Hankins. TY #TeamGriffith."

6. Nathan is Asking for Your Help

Nathan is Asking for Your Help
He wants followers to actually file official complaints about Jenelle with the state of North Carolina in order to help his custody case.

7. Will This Work?

Will This Work?
We strongly doubt it. But Griffith filed for full custody in July of 2018 and he seems more intent than ever on seeing this case all the way through.

8. As for Jenelle?

As for Jenelle?
Nathan just took his never-ending feud with his ex beyond Twitter, talking to TMZ about all the ways in which Evans is denying him access to Kaiser.

9. For Example?

For Example?
“She has already denied me to FaceTime Kaiser, she reblocked my number, and is being totally outrageous in everything she has said about me,” Nathan said, detailing how Evans has treated her since she got Kaiser back.

10. Did Nathan Treat Jenelle This Way?

Did Nathan Treat Jenelle This Way?
Heck no, he swears.

11. I've Been More Than Fair!

I've Been More Than Fair!
“[From] the moment I got Kaiser into my custody, I have never denied [Jenelle] one time of FaceTime,” he said. “Sometimes she would call two or three times a day and FaceTime with Kaiser.”

12. And Another Thing...

And Another Thing...
... Nathan even invited Jenelle to Kaiser's fifth birthday party two weeks ago, days BEFORE she got custody back. He didn't legally have to do this.

13. Added Nathan:

Added Nathan:
“I told people before I would never hold Kaiser away from the mother of my child, and I kept that promise,” Nathan tells TMZ.

14. This Fight Isn't Over!

This Fight Isn't Over!
Nathan concluded in this TMZ interview that he has quietly been battling for custody of Kaiser since last summer... and he won't give up now. He feels more inspired than ever before.

15. Eff You, David Eason!

Eff You, David Eason!
“Nathan is asking for full [custody], and to have only supervised visits for Jenelle,” The Ashley’s source told that well-informed website in March. “He is also still asking the judge to keep David away from Kaiser, which means that David would not be allowed near Kaiser when he is visiting Jenelle, should Nathan get what he’s asking for in court.”

16. Where Does Nathan's Custody Fight Stand Now?

Where Does Nathan's Custody Fight Stand Now?
Nathan and Jenelle were scheduled to begin their court custody battle on May 30, 2019. But then Kaiser was removed from Jenelle's home and, ironically, the large custody case was placed on hold.

17. In This to Win This

In This to Win This
“Before CPS got involved, I had already started a custody battle with her to get primary custody over Kaiser and me and my lawyer are, of course, going to approach that accordingly,” Nathan told TMZ. “We’re still going to fight for primary custody.”

18. Stating the Obvious

Stating the Obvious
Nathan believes he would be a better parent for Kaiser than Jenelle and, especially, than Eason.

19. I Miss My Boy

I Miss My Boy
“I think with her situation, I would just be more fit as a parent raising Kaiser,” Nathan said to TMZ. “I can give him that one-on-one, I can give him that love and affection that only a boy and a father can share. I see a lot of myself in Kaiser and I don’t want him to make the same mistakes I did."

20. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
Added Nathan of his five-year old: “He’s just not getting the love and attention, I think and know that he needs.”

21. Jenelle Chimes In... Sort Of

Jenelle Chimes In... Sort Of
Asked by an Instagram follower why she doesn't share custody with Griffith, Evans made it sound like there are some bad things about her ex that she can't share in public.

22. That Wasn't All, Either

That Wasn't All, Either
After Nathan linked to that North Carolina judicial complaint form, Jenelle WENT OFF on her ex.

23. So Much Shade Hurled

So Much Shade Hurled
“Want to share to the world how many times you were late to court and on breaks? Want to share how your cell phone went off in the middle of our hearings? Want to share how many times you and your side chick break up and get back together @groundlevelup?” Jenelle Tweeted in response, tagging Nate’s Twitter handle.

24. And She Kept Going and Going

And She Kept Going and Going
"Want to share how you took off to Florida as soon as you heard the news Kaiser was back with me?” she added. “You don’t stick around for anything. You don’t even help your mom with your sick stepdad."

25. ... And Going

... And Going
More from Jenelle in response to Nathan: Y"ou put on the biggest front. You even make my mom sick….Should we share what me and your sister talk about on the daily? How many times are you going to keep your sh-t show up? Thought we moved past all the bullsh-t. Apparently not."

26. As for Ashley Landhart?

As for Ashley Landhart?
Jenelle had words for Nathan's girlfriend, too, Tweeting: “As soon as Kaiser’s party was over, Ashley had to go tweet some sh-t about David but [was] all nice to his face. Don’t trust her at all.”

27. Will This Ever End?

Will This Ever End?
Tragcially, we doubt it. Kaiser is going to grow up with his parents fighting in public over and over and over again. So very sad.

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