Mom Farts in Yoga Class and Her Story is So Mortifying it's Tough to Read

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It is every traveler's nightmare to ride in an airplane alongside a pair of bare feet.

But it's every Yoga class attendee's worst nightmare to let a giant fart rip in the middle of a session.

Just ask Laura Mazza.

The blogger behind Mum on the Run, Mazza went to Yoga for the first time in a very long time, after recently giving birth and... well... we'll let her tell the hilarious story.

1. This is Laura

This is Laura
What a great face. We already like this story's protagonist.

2. This Will Be Long...

This Will Be Long...
... but hang in there. We promise it's worth it. (Because it didn't happen to us.)

3. Not Just Yoga

Not Just Yoga
This is REAL Yoga, people.

4. Hairy Toes Alert!

Hairy Toes Alert!
Why did no one tell me we'd be in bare feet?

5. Who? Me?!?

Who? Me?!?
Please say you're talking about someone else...

6. Ummm... Praise Be?

Ummm... Praise Be?
Is that the right answer? Is that what you're looking for? Please look away now.

7. This is Awesome! I'm So Good at This!

This is Awesome! I'm So Good at This!
What was I even worried about? Oh... right...

8. It Happened.

It Happened.
I farted at Yoga. It can't get any worse than this... right?

9. It Was Silent

It Was Silent
But it was deadly. Trust me. I smelled it up close.

10. Fitness, Here We Come

Fitness, Here We Come
Screw you, quiet fart! You aren't gonna stop me from exercising with my head held high!


Is that the sound a loud fart makes? If not, come up with your own sound. The point is: Holy Hell, did I fart in class!!!!!

12. Peace Out, Everyone!

Peace Out, Everyone!
You smelled it, but, yes, I dealt it. And now I gotta go.

13. Namaste?

More like: Never again! Eff that muscle separation.

14. Still, There's Always This:

Still, There's Always This:
That's a pretty cute kid. It makes never going to a Yoga class ever again totally worth it.

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