Michael Jackson: 16 Shocking Secrets Spilled!

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On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson died of a prescription drug overdose.

It was a stunning incident that the music industry, and the world at large, may never fully get over.

Nearly eight years to the day after the icon passed away, Lifetime aired Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland, an unauthorized biopic told from the point of view of his security guards, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard.

The pair released a 2014 book about the final years of Jackson’s difficult life and, while we cannot confirm the veracity of the following tidbits, the film surprised fans with a series of revelations.

To wit:

1. Let's Play!

Let's Play!
As we know, Jackson placed masks on his children's faces to avoid having their identities known to the public. According to the movie, he referred to this act as "dress up," turning it into a game for his three kids.

2. Blanket Coverage

Blanket Coverage
A paparazzo once snapped a photo of Blanket, with Javon tracking him down and grabbing the camera. Jackson then supposedly paid $75,000 to the photographer after his then-assistant destroyed the evidence.

3. How Did the Doctor Get In?

How Did the Doctor Get In?
Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for his role in Jackson’s death. The film says that Jackson met this physician when his daughter, Paris, got sick and required medical attention and Jackson did not want to bring her to the hospital.

4. No Brotherly Love

No Brotherly Love
Jackson did not attend Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday party one year because he feared that his brother, Randy, would follow him there and demand money, causing a scene.

5. Ho... Ho... NO?

Ho... Ho... NO?
Jackson didn't celebrate Christmas because he was a Jehovah's witness. However, he still permitted his three kids to open presents and celebrate.

6. Hot Sauce on Popcorn?!?

Hot Sauce on Popcorn?!?
Jackson brought his own hot sauce and spray butter into the movies for his popcorn.

7. His Favorite Actor Was...

His Favorite Actor Was...
... Charlie Chaplin. And he even brought his kids to a festival dedicated to the "king of comedy."

8. You Never Know...

You Never Know...
In case of emergencies, Jackson carried around the Oscar statue for Gone With the Wind and also a briefcase with $200,000 cash, along with passports.

9. He Valued His Privacy

He Valued His Privacy
To what extent? In one scene from this TV movie, Jackson cuts open his hand pulling a surveillance camera from a wall in a hotel in Washington, D.C.

10. He Loved His Fans

He Loved His Fans
Jackson was fine with fans waiting outside his house to get a glimpse of him, even telling the police not to push them away.

11. Ho... Ho... Sorry, But NO

Ho... Ho... Sorry, But NO
It was noted in their contracts that the bodyguards could not tell anyone who they worked for. This impacted their personal relationships, as Bill missed Christmas once year to be with Jackson and his family.

12. A Fear of Death

A Fear of Death
Jackson once told Bill that he couldn't afford to do live shows five days a week later in life because it would "kill him."

13. Hey, It's a Solid Track

Hey, It's a Solid Track
One of Jackson's all-time favorite singles was Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative."

14. Money Problems

Money Problems
Jackson was in major debt. At one point, Bill and Javon didn't get paid for five months.

15. Sin City as a Savior?

Sin City as a Savior?
In order to pay off his debts and afford a new home, Jackson was told he needed to do a Las Vegas residency.

16. No Sense of Normalcy. Ever.

No Sense of Normalcy. Ever.
Jackson went on a date in one scene, with Bill driving the artist and his date around. The latter managed to convince Michael to go out to a bar like a "normal couple," yet he changed his mind after a man accosted him on the street.

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