Matt Baier: New Wife Arrested for DUI! Is He Back on Drugs?

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So Matt Baier is awful. Just a really gross, sketchy human being.

But somehow, some way, Amber Portwood agreed to date him for literal years, and when she finally wised up and dumped him, he was able to find another woman to be with him almost immediately after.

That woman, Jennifer Conlon, even agreed to marry him.

Unlike Amber, Jennifer isn't a reality star who's had her life documented for years and years, so we really don't know too much about her.

But thanks to a new police report, we're learning a little bit more now.

And it's not great.

1. A Rocky Start

A Rocky Start
In November, the world learned that Matt had married Jennifer, a cocktail waitress and a mother to two daughters. It was some pretty shocking news, considering how hard he'd been angling to get back with Amber.

2. Liar, Liar

Liar, Liar
In an interview about his brand new marriage, Matt claimed that he and Jennifer had been dating for about six months, which is basically impossible. He said this in November, so if they'd been dating for six months, they'd have gotten together in May. In May, he was very much still with Amber.

3. Just Stop, Matt

Just Stop, Matt
May was when he failed his lie detector test with a question about making sexual advances towards other women. So he possibly could have been talking to Jennifer then, but he spent most of that month trying to work things out with Amber, and they did Marriage Boot Camp together in June. So if he's telling the truth, their relationship didn't exactly start out on a great note.

4. Gross

In August, he said in an interview that when they were done with Marriage Boot Camp, "I went to Vegas to get my head around the split. Ultimately, my hope was to get a place where Amber could come visit me and we could work on our issues. Obviously, that didn't happen."

5. Ugh

"I'll hold out hope for a reconciliation," he added. "But if nothing else, I hope we can stay friends." Not really a great statement to make when he allegedly was dating another woman for three months at that point, right?

6. Tough Break

Tough Break
Matt was also reportedly devastated when he heard the news of Amber's pregnancy. Too bad, so sad -- he wasn't the only one who got another significant other the second after the breakup.

7. A Spite Marriage?

A Spite Marriage?
Shortly after hearing the pregnancy news, Matt got married to Jennifer. But don't worry, he didn't just marry some poor random woman because his feelings were hurt -- he said that he really had been dating her for a while, but "She's not a public figure. So we kept our relationship private."

8. True Love (Or Whatever)

True Love (Or Whatever)
Jennifer felt so strongly about their love that she gave an interview of her own after the wedding news broke, saying “When you meet somebody and you have a connection, you know it in your heart. It’s not something you question. It felt right to us. Getting married is something we wanted. We decided it was time, so he asked me to marry him.”

9. ... K

... K
“Matt is a wonderful man,” she continued. "What people think of him and how he’s portrayed, that’s not the man he truly is. He is everything and more. He’s generous and loving. It’s unfortunate that people think differently. Matt is a good man, yet he gets attacked in a way I don’t understand. That’s not the person in front of me. His actions don’t show that.”

10. Girl, No

Girl, No
Jennifer even said that “His past has nothing to do with the relationship. The life we have now is what we have now. Matt is a wonderful partner, friend and someone who listens. I take a person for who they are today and what they do now.”

11. The Plot Thickens!

The Plot Thickens!
It seems like she may have a reason for defending his horrible past though -- because Jennifer has a past, too. A very dark past. And this dark past we're talking about? It's actually the very, very recent past.

12. Shame, Shame

Shame, Shame
According to a police report obtained by Radar Online, Jennifer was arrested on November 7th for "DUI drugs chemicals organic solvent, no driver’s license in possession and red traffic signal position/method."

13. Yikes

The officer who wrote the report explained that she "was involved in an accident prior to my arrival,” and that she "said she took medication. She answered slowly enough for me to notice.”

14. What a Catch

What a Catch
And even though she was in an accident, and even though she was impaired, and even though she didn't even have her license, she still had the nerve to ask the officer to let her off the hook because she didn't want to deal with an arrest during the holidays.

15. What a Mess

What a Mess
Jennifer pled not guilty to her charges, and she goes back to court in April to deal with them. And hey, say what you will about Matt and his choice in women, but at least he's consistent, right? At least with Amber, it's been a few years since she faced criminal charges.

16. The Real Question

The Real Question
This whole thing is awful anyway, but it also raises another pretty bad question: does this mean Matt is no longer sober?

17. History of Addiction

History of Addiction
When we first met Matt on Teen Mom OG, he claimed that he used to be an addict, and that he used to partake in the same drugs Amber used to do. It was a little scary at the time, because when they began dating, Amber hadn't been out of prison long at all.

18. Relapse

And then back in May, Matt revealed that “I had a drug relapse this year for the first time with prescription pills. I fell back into my addiction for about two months around December,” and that, he said, is when he got so deeply unlikable on Teen Mom. Or more deeply unlikable, anyway.

19. Clean Again

Clean Again
But by the time the current season began filming, Matt was clean again -- we heard them discussing flushing his pills down the toilet. That would have been about five or six months ago now, so not all that long at all.

20. Bad Signs

Bad Signs
If Matt's new wife is in such a bad place that she's getting arrested like this, could Matt have slid back into addiction as well? Does that explain the rushed marriage and all of his bizarre recent interviews? Or does he just prey on vulnerable women? Either way ... things aren't looking so good for his guy, huh?

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