Major League Pitcher Mansplains Birth Control to Jessica Chastain

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On January 12, Jessica Chastain joined the chorus of angry Americans who are in disbelief over various ways Congress plans to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

Following the Senate voting to gut the ACA - an action that could force millions of women to pay for birth control out of their own pockets - the two-time Oscar nominee Tweeted her displeasure.

"#BirthControl is no longer covered by health insurance,” she wrote. “Congrats USA, you’re doing your part to keep women out of the work force.”

Chastain may have expected to receive some backlash for this remark.

But she probably didn't expect to be lectured on birth control by Matt Garza, a journeyman Major League Baseball pitcher who posted a 4.51 ERA last year for Milwaukee.

We've documented Chastain's Tweets, Garza's dumb response and the way this exchange set off the Twitterverse below...

1. Shaking Her F-cking Head

Shaking Her F-cking Head
Chastain was very likely wondering whether this would have happened with a female President. (Spoiler Alert: it would not have.)

2. Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom
Chastain linked to the official Planned Parenthood Twitter account in passing along this advice.

3. Garza Chimes In

Garza Chimes In
Just don't have sex, women, Garza Tweeted. He was "juatsaying," of course.

4. Oh, Really, Matt Garza?

Oh, Really, Matt Garza?
Twitter users used Garza's personal history and gender against him in slamming the professional pitchers ridiculous Hot Take.


We'll all ears, man. Do tell...

6. What About This Situation?

What About This Situation?
Please expound, Matt Garza. Please play doctor and tell this couple how to handle this situation.

7. Six Kids, Six Instances of Sex

Six Kids, Six Instances of Sex
This sucks for you, dude. Sex is fun!

8. Abstinence Forever?

Abstinence Forever?
And ever and and ever and ever?


Really... THIS! Is there any way Garza actually knows how his own wife prevents more pregnancies?

10. No Uterus, No Opinion Allowed

No Uterus, No Opinion Allowed
This should probably be made into a national law.

11. Garza Responds

Garza Responds
Garza wrote back to a few of his online critics.

12. And Responds Again

And Responds Again
Think he sensed this user's sarcasm?

13. Remaining Above the Fray

Remaining Above the Fray
Chastain has tweeted that she will be attending the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, January 21. She did not commet on Garza.

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