Mackenzie Standifer: Maci Bookout Talks Hella Crap But She's Too Scared to Back it Up!

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Reality shows generally only film for a few weeks out of the year.

This can be a problem of sorts when it comes to stars like Maci Bookout, whose lives are filled with drama pretty much year-round.

The latest turmoil in Maci's life has to do with her never-ending feud with Ryan Edwards and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

Following a messy altercation at this year's Teen Mom OG reunion show, Maci has been taking shots at Mackenzie on social media.

According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, producers are convinced that the Maci-Mackenzie feud isn't over.

Rather, it's about to go nuclear.

And of course, execs want to have a camera crew there when that happens. Here's what we know about this volatile situation:

1. Mackenzie vs. Maci

Mackenzie vs. Maci
The feud between Maci Bookout and Mackenzie Standifer has really been heating up in recent weeks. And it looks more and more likely that the two women might soon come to blows.

2. The Bentley Factor

The Bentley Factor
At the center of this spat is Ryan Edwards, whose relationship with son Bentley has come under intense scrutiny in recent months.

3. A Difficult Decision

A Difficult Decision
There was a time when Maci wouldn't allow Ryan to see his son. Though she made that decision for the boy's safety, she has since relented and allowed Edwards to resume visits with the 12-year-old.

4. Doing What She Has to Do

Doing What She Has to Do
Maci made the decision for her son's protection, and we're sure she still doesn't regret it.

5. More Hostility

More Hostility
But there's no denying that her efforts to protect Bentley have had a negative impact on her own relationship with Ryan and Mackenzie.

6. Hashing It Out In Public

Hashing It Out In Public
The situation came to a head this week when Mackenzie hurled insults at Maci during the latest episode of Teen Mom 2.

7. Talking Smack

Talking Smack
During the episode, Mackenzie derided Maci as a "petty b-tch" a comment that understandably didn't sit well with Maci.

8. Speaking Out

Speaking Out
As the episode aired, Maci shared her thoughts on Twitter. And as you may have guessed, they weren't very complimentary toward Standifer.

9. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
"I’ll never wrestle with pigs, you both get dirty... but the pig likes it!" Maci tweeted following Mackenzie's insult.

10. Going Off

Going Off
When a fan asked Maci if Mackenzie has any insults in her arsenal other than "petty b-tch" (which she's now used twice this season), Bookout really unloaded.

11. Burn!

"That would take a sense of humor, more education, and actual facts to speak about. So... No she doesn’t," Bookout tweeted.

12. No Holding Back

No Holding Back
"After last night’s #TeenMomOG, I am done holding back," Bookout tweeted the next day. "There’s been SO MUCH I could say, could put out there, but no... I’ve held back. But I’m done playing nice. Game on."

13. Working It Out?

Working It Out?
Maci sounds like she's ready for a face-to-face confrontation. But according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Bookout has repeatedly declined to meet with Mackenzie in the presence of an MTV camera crew.

14. Not Having It

Not Having It
The site reports that Mackenzie had the idea of hashing things out with Maci on camera. Producers, of course, were totally on board -- but Maci wanted nothing to do with the idea.

15. It Takes Two

It Takes Two
“Mackenzie reached out to [production] a few weeks ago, letting them know that she wanted to sit down with Maci privately and see if they could resolve some of their issues,” a source tells the Ashley.

16. Not Interested?

Not Interested?
“Maci refused to give the producers an answer on whether or not she was willing," the insider adds.

17. With or Without You ...

With or Without You ...
“In fact, that was filmed for next season— Mackenzie texting Maci, and talking about how she just wants things to not be so tense between the families," says the source. "She thought a sit-down lunch or something might be a good thing to help them talk out their issues.”

18. An Empty Threat?

An Empty Threat?
Maci's hesitance comes as a surprise to fans, especially since her current pinned tweet is an offer to square off with Mackenzie in a boxing ring.

19. Setting a Precedent

Setting a Precedent
And that's not the only time that Maci has tried to expose Mackenzie as a coward.

20. Fighting Words

Fighting Words
“Mackenzie is brave sitting on a couch responding to strangers on social media about my son, but still not brave enough to sit on a couch and talk to me at the reunion,” Maci tweeted earlier this season.

21. Even Worse?

Even Worse?
But The Ashley's insider says that Maci's trash talk session actually occurred AFTER she declined to meet up with Mackenzie face-to-face.

22. Say It Ain't So!

Say It Ain't So!
“This all happened before Maci tweeted those things out about Mackenzie,” the source says.

23. Tough Talk

Tough Talk
“If Maci wanted to go face-to-face with Mackenzie, she could have already,” the production source tells The Ashley.

24. A Golden Opportunity

A Golden Opportunity
“The producers know it would be ratings gold, so they’ve been highly encouraging it, but so far Maci has refused and kind of ignored their requests.”

25. Another Fail?

Another Fail?
We guess that -- like Maci's sad stint on Naked and Afraid -- this is another reminder that she might not be quite as tough as she claims!

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