Mackenzie Standifer: Desperately Trying to Change Ryan Edwards?

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If you've been paying attention to his life over the course of the past year, then you're probably aware that Ryan Edwards has had a rough go of it lately.

Granted, many of Ryan's problems are self-created, but that doesn't make the situation any less sad for the loved ones who have had to witness his self-destruction.

Currently, Ryan's wife, Mackenzie Standifer, is pregnant with his child, and fans believe she's desperate to help her husband change his ways before she gives birth in October.

Will she be able to turn their situation around in such short time?

Here's what we know about the situation thus far ...

1. The Expectant Parents

The Expectant Parents
Ryan and Mackenzie both have kids from previous relationships, but the son who's due next month will be their first as a couple.

2. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
Unfortunately, news of Mackenzie's pregnancy coincided with the start of an extremely difficult time for Ryan.

3. He Fought the Law

He Fought the Law
Ryan's legal troubles have made the most tabloid headlines, and with good reason -- the former Teen Mom OG star has been arrested three times in the past 18 months.

4. The Ravages of Addiction

The Ravages of Addiction
Most of Ryan's legal troubles have stemmed from his continued struggles with substance abuse.

5. Slaps on the Wrist

Slaps on the Wrist
Thus far, despite being busted for possession and failing a court-ordered drug test, Ryan has managed to avoid serious jail time.

6. Every Kind of Bad Behavior

Every Kind of Bad Behavior
But believe it or not, despite his many arrests and the severity of his addiction, Ryan has found time to engage in just about every other sort of bad behavior, as well ...

7. Tinder Surprise

Tinder Surprise
The same week that Mackenzie found out about her pregnancy, Ryan was busted using a Tinder account to try and meet cheating partners.

8. Lyin' Ryan

Lyin' Ryan
The married 30-year-old reality star falsely claimed to be a single 25-year-old pipeline worker (tee-hee).

9. Good News/Bad News

Good News/Bad News
The good news is, it doesn't look as though Ryan was able to lure anyone into his trap. The bad news is, it's not the first time he's been busted cheating on Mackenzie.

10. It Gets Worse ...

It Gets Worse ...
It was also around this time that Ryan's original baby mama, Maci Bookout, obtained a restraining order after reporting Edwards for making death threats against her husband.

11. Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom
During this time, Ryan wasn't permitted to visit his son. Maci's restraining order is still in place, but Edwards is now allowed supervised visits with Bentley.

12. Reality Stars No More

Reality Stars No More
Not surprisingly, MTV decided to cut ties with both Ryan and Mackenzie amidst all this drama, and both were fired from Teen Mom OG.

13. Standifer Steps Up

Standifer Steps Up
Fans believe that -- based on her latest social media activity -- Mackenzie is doing everything in her power to turn Ryan's life around before little Jagger enters the world next month.

14. Cutting the Cord

Cutting the Cord
The first thing she did was retire from Instagram. Mackenzie has long been vocal in her belief that social media has been a destructive force in both her life and Ryan's.

15. Not Too Subtle

Not Too Subtle
Mackenzie made her feelings toward Twitter and Instagram quite clear with this post. She still makes time for Snapchat, however.

16. Time to Pretend

Time to Pretend
Next, Mackenzie lambasted MTV on Ryan's behalf. She even used Snapchat to call the network out for staging Teen Mom OG scenes.

17. The Jen and Larry Factor

The Jen and Larry Factor
Many believe that Mackenzie is trying to force MTV to cut ties with Ryan's family, so that the whole family can move on from this year without the prying eyes of TMOG fans.

18. No Fan of the Spotlight

No Fan of the Spotlight
All of this, it seems, is part of Mackenzie's effort to get herself and her family as far from center stage as possible.

19. Standifer Stands Up

Standifer Stands Up
In the past, Mackenzie has been criticized for letting Ryan get away with too much. These days, however, it's clear she's in mama bear mode, and she's doing her best to ensure her son has a dad who's capable of being a father.

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