Mackenzie Standifer: Pregnancy Details FINALLY Revealed!

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Last month, the world learned that Mackenzie Standifer is pregnant with her first child.

Shortly after the news went public, however, Ryan Edwards' wife watched her world fall apart before her eyes.

For starters, Edwards was arrested just days after the announcement.

Less than 24 hours after that shocking development, several media outlets reported that Ryan had been caught cheating on Mackenzie using the dating app Tinder.

Through it all, however, Mackenzie has stood by her man, and sources say she's thrilled to share her latest pregnancy update with fans:

1. Before the Fall

Before the Fall
In the weeks leading up to Mackenzie's pregnancy announcement, she and Ryan seemed to be doing quite well. Now, it appears that was all a charade.

2. A Rapid Decline

A Rapid Decline
Ryan and Mackenzie overcame a great deal to get to that good place, and sadly, it all came tumbling down within days of her big announcement. And the downfall started with some shocking news...

3. Ryan's Deception

Ryan's Deception
In March, Ryan was arrested for a probation violation that stemmed from an earlier arrest for heroin possession. Somehow, Edwards had managed to keep that first brush with the law a secret.

4. Standifer Stands By Her Man

Standifer Stands By Her Man
Mackenzie went to bat for Ryan after his arrest, telling at least one media outlet that he had not committed any new crimes and merely needed to be booked for his earlier charges.

5. Tinder Surprise

Tinder Surprise
But even the ever-loyal Mackenzie must have found herself experiencing some doubts about her marriage when it was revealed that Ryan had contacted at least three different women using the dating app Tinder. He used his actual photo for his profile, but made up a fake bio.

6. Pressing On...

Pressing On...
But despite rumors to the contrary, it seems Mackenzie has no intention of divorcing Ryan. And today, the troubled couple revealed to their loved ones not only the baby's gender, but also the unusual name they've picked out.

7. Pleased to Meet You

Pleased to Meet You
Sources say Mackenzie's enthusiasm has in no way been dampened by her recent struggles with Ryan, and the couple can't wait to welcome their bouncing baby boy.

8. Hope You Guessed My Name

Hope You Guessed My Name
And it seems they've already picked out a rockin' moniker for the lad. "They plan to name their son Jagger," says one insider.

9. The Big Day

The Big Day
A source close to Mackenzie also revealed her due date as October 16 and stated that the entire extended Standifer clan is "so excited."

10. A Growing Family

A Growing Family
It will be the second child for both Ryan and Mackenzie, but their first as a couple. He has a 9-year-old son, Bentley, from his relationship with Maci Bookout. She has a 4-year-old son, Hudson, with ex-husband Zachary Stevens.

11. Ryan's Hope

Ryan's Hope
Edwards has been open about his desire for another son, excitedly declaring, "It looks like a boy!" when he laid eyes on Mackenzie's first sonogram. But some fans believe his enthusiasm is all for show.

12. The Not-So-Proud Papa

The Not-So-Proud Papa
"Crib, stroller, diapers, clothes, baby food, me when he's about three," Edwards remarked to a pregnant Standifer on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG.

13. Queen of Denial

Queen of Denial
It seems that Mackenzie is truly committed to making her second marriage work, which means turning a blind eye to some of Ryan's bad behavior. Unfortunately, that task just keeps getting more difficult...

14. More Bad News

More Bad News
Just this week, Edwards' former girlfriend Shelby Woods came forward claiming that he had had been contacting her without Mackenzie's knowledge.

15. Delusional Kenzie

Delusional Kenzie
Shelby posted this tweet on Sunday, but has yet to elaborate.

16. An Unfit Father?

An Unfit Father?
More disconcerting than rumors of Ryan's infidelity, however, are reports of his violent and erratic behavior. Some fans have gone so far as to suggest he should not be trusted around children.

17. Off the Wagon?

Off the Wagon?
After Ryan completed rehab, Maci demanded that he pass a drug test before being permitted to spend time alone with Bentley. He has yet to submit to the test, leading many to believe he's still abusing substances.

18. Order of Protection

Order of Protection
Macy and her husband, Taylor McKinney, were recently granted orders of protection against Ryan. The couple filed requests in response to a death threat that Ryan allegedly issued to Taylor.

19. An Ugly Situation

An Ugly Situation
That means that by law, Ryan is currently not allowed to see his son. Needless to say, it's not hard to see why fans are concerned about the welfare of Mackenzie and little Jagger.

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