Lorde Shares INSANELY Offensive Post About Whitney Houston!

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Lorde is so great, right?

She makes great music, she seems wise beyond her years, she once had a secret Instagram account devoted to reviewing onion rings.

What's not to love?

Well, here's at least one thing most people don't seem to be too crazy about: yesterday Lorde made a post on Instagram that was extremely insensitive.

And it was about the late Whitney Houston, no less.

Has Lorde been canceled?!

Read on to see!

1. So Innocent

Lorde has been touring for the past several months, but yesterday she had a day off. To celebrate the occasion, she decided to take a nice, long bath. Sounds fine so far, right?

2. Oh, Honey

Oh, Honey
But then she posted this on Instagram. And things got bad so fast. Do you see the issue?

3. RIP, Whitney

She shared a photo of the bathtub with some lyrics from "I Will Always Love You," the Dolly Parton song that Whitney Houston turned into an iconic ballad. But Whitney drowned in a bathtub. So it's just not a great reference.

4. Lorde, Sweetie ...

Lorde has never done anything like this, so she likely just didn't fully consider what she wrote before she posted it -- it happens. But still, she got a big reaction out of this.

5. Ouch

We get people being upset, but to say that she's talentless? That's a bit of a stretch.

6. "Lord of the Rings"

"Lord of the Rings"
Is this person trying to say she looks like Gollum? We assume that's what the message is here. Again, not cool.

7. ... A Banana?

... A Banana?
Come on, Instagram, you can do better than this.

8. True Fans

True Fans
Thankfully, most people understood that it was an honest mistake -- here's a good representation of the kind of comments that were on the photo.

9. The Time of Her Life

The Time of Her Life
She probably had some nice oils or bath bombs or salts, maybe she was reading a book or listening to some music, having some much-needed quiet time, all while the internet lost its mind.

10. So Sad

So Sad
Well ... like, there's probably SOME stuff that's sadder than this. But still, we get it.

11. Too Far?

Too Far?
Don't do this to Whitney's memory, guys.

12. Ugh

Please, just don't.

13. That Bad?

That Bad?
We never knew you hurt this much, Mariah fans.

14. So Stupid

So Stupid
To be fair, lots of people post offensive things on purpose all the time for many, many reasons. It's pretty obvious Lorde just goofed here, but it's not that stupid to believe that she could have just been crass. Open your eyes, Nicky, humans are the worst.

15. Come On Now

Come On Now
Preach, Dani! Tell them the truth!

16. The Real MVP

The Real MVP
Know yourself. Know your truth. Know what's important.

17. Mom, Please

Mom, Please
Lots of Lorde supporters begged her to just delete the post altogether, which she eventually did once she got out of her bath and checked her notifications.

18. An Apology

An Apology
She also posted this statement, which makes perfect sense. Probably this time -- just this once -- we can forgive her, right?

19. The Struggle

The Struggle
Poor Lorde, huh?

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