Leah Messer Gets Back Together With T.R. Dues, Gushes About Love on Twitter

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We'll admit - we're totes confused by the relationship between Leah Messer and T.R. Dues.

Of course, they'd probably be happy to hear that, as they've been doing their best to keep the whole under wraps since day one.

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As far as we can tell, Leah and T.R. started dating back in June of 2015.

Things moved quickly, and by the end of the year, Messer and Dues were living together

Shortly thereafter, rumors that Leah had kicked T.R. to the curb began to circulate online.

Some fans theorized that Messer had ended the relationship in order to give the judge in her custody case the impression that she was fully focused on raising her three daughters.

Just last week, Leah seemed to confirm her breakup from T.R. and it looked as though the "secret" relationship (that the whole world knew about) was finally at an end.

Over the weekend, however, something interesting happened:

Leah began tweeting about how great her relationship is - which is not the sort of thing one expects from a single gal:

"Some couples are just madeee for each other!" Leah tweeted. "You know what they say though. There is someone for everyone."

Shortly thereafter, The Ashley's Reality Roundup confirmed that Leah and T.R. are still an item.

"He may not be living with Leah full time but they are still together and is seen at the house all the time,” a source tells the site.

“Leah is actually about to move (again) but she hasn’t really talked about whether or not T.R. will live with her at the new place.”

Well, here's hoping that Leah has better luck with T.R. than she had with Corey Simms or Jeremy Calvert.

Our advice? Maybe hold off on getting married and having more kids this time.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive all of Leah's messy romantic failures.

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