Leah Messer Opens Up About Daughter's Tragic Illness: She's Trapped in This Body!

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Leah Messer has faced many challenges during her years in the spotlight.

But none has caused her as much anguish as the ongoing health difficulties endured by her 10-year-old daughter Ali.

Ali suffers from muscular dystrophy, and while she's been receiving the best available care throughout her life, in many ways, her condition has worsened.

Now, Leah is opening up about her daughter's struggles like never before.

And many Teen Mom 2 fans have found themselves deeply moved by her remarks.

Take a look:

1. The A-Team

The A-Team
Leah often states that her three daughters are her entire world. And the pain she experiences watching 10-year-old Ali endure an endless battery of medical tests is apparent throughout many of her scenes on Teen Mom 2.

2. Maintaining Normalcy

Maintaining Normalcy
Messer does her best to offer all of her girls the same experiences, but the sad fact is, there are certain activities Ali will never get to enjoy.

3. Supporting From the Sidelines

Supporting From the Sidelines
For example, while Ali clearly derives pleasure from watching her twin sister compete as a cheerleader, the pain of not being able to participate herself must be acute.

4. Heartbreaking Updates

Heartbreaking Updates
Sadly, Ali's condition is degenerative, and many of the updates Leah has received in recent years have not been favorable.

5. Opening Up

Opening Up
In a preview clip for the upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah opens up to a friend about Ali's struggles.

6. Her Greatest Challenge

Her Greatest Challenge
"[Ali]'s so smart, and it's like she's trapped..." Leah begins, as video shows Ali getting helped into a car by her grandfather.

7. The Painful Truth

The Painful Truth
"...In this body," her friend interjects. It's at this point that Leah becomes visibly emotional.

8. A Mother's Tears

A Mother's Tears
"It makes me want to cry," she says. We're sure countless viewers will feel the same when the scene plays out on this week's Teen Mom 2.

9. Silver Linings

Silver Linings
Fortunately, Leah and her daughters refuse to throw any pity parties, because for Ali, there is no benefit. Keeping their heads high and best feet forward, they are in the habit of seeking creative ways to help Ali make the best of her situation.

10. Happy Camper

Happy Camper
One great example of this positive attitude came earlier this year, when Ali attended a special summer camp for kids who have been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.

11. A Great Organization

A Great Organization
"The first week of MDA Summer Camp is in the books for Ali girl! So proud of her for being so brave, confident, and resilient!" Leah wrote on Instagram.

12. An Inspiration

An Inspiration
"You’re an inspiration to all of us baby girl! I’m so glad that she had a blast and so grateful for everyone involved making camp happen for all kids with MD!" she added.

13. Heartfelt Gratitude

Heartfelt Gratitude
"(A special thank you to her camp counselor for everything. She already misses you! We can’t thank you enough!) #mdasummercamp #md #musculardystrophy #hope #hopegracefaith #aligirl #aaa," she concluded.

14. A Tight-Knit Family

A Tight-Knit Family
Yes, between unfavorable test results and bullying at school, the past year has not been an easy one for Ali, but fortunately, she can always rely on the love and support of her mother and sisters.

15. Reason to Hope

Reason to Hope
And for thousands of Teen Mom 2 viewers, Leah and Ali's story offers something they may not find elsewhere on television -- a family undergoing the same struggle they endure every day.

16. A Relatable Struggle

A Relatable Struggle
A quarter-million Americans suffer from muscular dystrophy, and for many, the chances that their condition will improve are slim.

17. Making Strides

Making Strides
For the entirety of her life, Ali has offered hope to many children with her condition.

18. A Different Kind of Childhood

A Different Kind of Childhood
While a normal life may not be in the cards for Ali and children like her, a life of joy and accomplishment is possible with the right support network.

19. Loved By Millions

Loved By Millions
And Ali's support comes not only from her loving family, but from millions of adoring Teen Mom 2 fans.

20. Putting On a Brave Face

Putting On a Brave Face
Every time Leah posts a photo of Ali on Instagram, there's an immediate outpouring of affection from fans.

21. We'll Take It!

We'll Take It!
It's a pleasant change of pace from the usual Teen Mom 2 comments section; that's for sure!

22. Praise For the A-Team

Praise For the A-Team
For the most part, fans just sing the praises of the entire Messer clan. And we're sure Leah appreciates it.

23. Getting Personal

Getting Personal
Some fans share first-hand experiences of similar health issues -- something we're sure Leah also appreciates very much.

24. Something Different

Something Different
We probably don't need to tell you that there's a lot of negativity surrounding the Teen Mom universe. And it's often apparent on the cast members' social media pages.

25. On the Same Page

On the Same Page
At least when it comes to Ali, fans are in agreement that she deserves what's best.

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