Leah Messer Breaks Silence on Jason Jordan Split: Where Did It Go Wrong?

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So much for those wedding bells.

They won't be ringing any time soon for Leah Messer and Jason Jordan.

Despite what seemed like a healthy and serious relationship between the Teen Mom cast member and her older boyfriend of several months, sources confirmed this week that it's all over between Messer and Jordan.

Was the age difference too much to overcome?

Did one side cheat?

Is there anything scandalous here to report?

Scroll down for an update regarding this split, including Leah's first comments since the news went viral...

1. Let's Get Right To It: What Happened?

Let's Get Right To It: What Happened?
“It just wasn’t working,” a source told Us Weekly of Messer and Jordan, adding mysteriously: “They’re just not a good fit.” But, wait a minute... wasn't there talk of a wedding?!?

2. How Did Everything Just Fall Apart So Quickly?

How Did Everything Just Fall Apart So Quickly?
This is the question on most people's minds after the couple got introduced by Jordan's cousin, who has been close to Leah for some time.

3. They Had So Much in Common!

They Had So Much in Common!
Jordan has a two-year old from a previous marriage and Messer, of course, has three kids from her previous relationships.

4. But That Wasn't All!

But That Wasn't All!
Said an insider to Us Weekly, back when things seemed headed in a very positive direction: “They share the same faith and have gone to church together. They love hiking, cooking and are both very family oriented. He’s very attentive."

5. Was There a Problem Between Leah's Kids and Jordan Maybe?

Was There a Problem Between Leah's Kids and Jordan Maybe?
Nope. Not according to Messer herself a few weeks back, as she said for the record: He’s a good dad. He’s an all-around good person.”

6. Messer Tries to Explain

Messer Tries to Explain
Leah broke her silence on the split by sharing this meme on Twitter. It is okay to let go, that's for certain. But our questions remain!

7. It Just Wasn't Meant to Be

It Just Wasn't Meant to Be
"Some things are meant to happen, just not meant to be. Some things are meant to come into your life, just not meant to stay," Messer wrote along with the previous meme.

8. It's All About... Kindsight?

It's All About... Kindsight?
Leah also re-Tweeted this meme, which is her way of saying she wants to learn from the relationship, not regret anything about it.

9. So... Now What?!?

So... Now What?!?
Messer has plenty of her plate, that's for certain. She has just started a new podcast called Life Reboot. She has recorded two episodes to date.

10. A New Podcast?!?

A New Podcast?!?
Yup. Messer says she wants to inspire listeners with it, using her many life and romantic lessons over the years as a way to impart wisdom. The goal is to be "fun, inspirational, aspirational and motivational," she has said.

11. Will Leah Talk About This Break-Up on Air?

Will Leah Talk About This Break-Up on Air?
We're sure that she will. Jordan was Messer's first public relationship since her split from ex-husband jeremy Calvert, and she told Us Weekly earlier this month that it was more adult than her previous relationships: “I think he’s definitely more mature than other guys that I’ve dated that are my age. It’s just a different responsibility, it’s a different life than someone that’s single."

12. Will She Now Reconcile with Calvert?

Will She Now Reconcile with Calvert?
The two did hook up in early 2018, but Messer has made it pretty clear she doesn't want a romance with her ex. Sometimes, former feelings simply break through temporarily.

13. We'll Let Messer Explain Further

We'll Let Messer Explain Further
You can tune in to the podcast to hear this sort of stuff from Leah herself. She says about the project: "My role in the podcast … [is] share what I have [gone] through and what I’ve learned as I’ve [gone] through it and every high and low in my life, and that’s what I’m most excited to share and truly help others … that may be going through the same things."

14. She's an Independent Woman!

She's an Independent Woman!
"I love myself more than I ever have before,” she said on the first episode, for example, adding: “[I’m] not dependent on anyone else… It’s so liberating because I would let everything affect me, or I would play victim. When I finally came to a place where I was like, ‘I’m not going to,’ I just felt so free."

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