23 Racist Tweets About the Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad

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The 2014 Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial - re-run in 2017 - was well received for the most part ... just not by these individuals.

It inspired some seriously racist backlash on Twitter, as you might sadly expect from this point given the current political climate.

Here, we've put together some classic examples.

1. You're S--t is Rank

You're S--t is Rank
You're grammar is pretty rank, too, Earl Williams Jr. Maybe go study for your GED instead of Tweeting your pearls of infinite wisdom?

2. You Can't Do That!

You Can't Do That!
You can't do that, Coca-Cola. You just can't ... you can't.

3. So, So Wrong

So, So Wrong
That Coca-Cola ad was so wrong. It's left people at a loss for words.

4. Brad Fleming

Brad Fleming
Brad Fleming is totally getting fired at work this week after this goes viral. #FingersCrossed

5. Sean Frederick

Sean Frederick
Ol' Sean Frederick here might be joining him on the unemployment line.


That Coke commercial just pissed me off, says this Twitter user. Outrageous.

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