Kailyn Lowry: YES, I'm Still Sleeping With Chris Lopez!

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Last year, when the world first learned that Kailyn Lowry was pregnant with her third child, there was much conjecture as to the identity of her third baby daddy.

By the time it was revealed that Chris Lopez was Lux's father, it was clear that Kail was smitten, but the relationship fizzled, despite her efforts to make it work.

Lopez seemed to have little interest in Kail or his own son, for that matter, and he flat-out refused to appear on Teen Mom 2.

These days, he's softened a bit and has begun spending more time with Lux.

Obviously, Kail is pleased that Lopez has stopped being an "Instagram dad" and has stepped his father game up, but is she so impressed that she's decided to give him another chance?

That's what it looks like based on Kail's latest Instagram activity...


1. Lux Life

Lux Life
After months of "deadbeat dad" allegations, Lopez has finally gotten more involved in his son's life. And it seems Kail might soon have the family she's always wanted.

2. Kail's Crisis

Kail's Crisis
Kailyn and Chris met while they were both attending the University of Delaware, and they were friends for a brief period before they began hooking up.

3. An Unexpected Development

An Unexpected Development
Kail got pregnant with Chris' baby shortly after they became romantically involved, and the relationship fizzled not long after.

4. A Sad Time

A Sad Time
For a while, it looked as though Lopez would have no involvement in the life of his son. During that time, he was frequently and harshly criticized by TM2 fans.

5. Instagram Dad

Instagram Dad
There was a time when relations between Chris and Kail were so bad that she publicly accused him of being an "Instagram dad" and spending time with Lux solely so that he could post pics on social media.

6. A Change of Heart

A Change of Heart
Fortunately, these days, Chris is reportedly spending more time with Lux. And it seems he might have found his way back into Kail's heart.

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