Javi Marroquin: I Was Banging Kailyn, Briana & Lauren at the Same Time!

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Do these kids ever let up?

All of the ladies of Teen Mom 2 have a lot of drama in their lives, but perhaps no one's love life is more complicated than Kailyn Lowry's.

We've known for quite some time that the exes briefly got back together, but now, Kail has finally copped to it on the show.

Needless to say, Briana DeJesus probably didn't love hearing it.

The bad news is, it looks as though all four parties (including Lauren Comeau) who are involved here are doomed to lives of non-stop drama.

The good news is, we get to watch it all unfold!

1. They Just Can't Quit Each

They Just Can't Quit Each
Javi and Kailyn have been off and on for years. But their latest hookup may have been motivated by revenge and jealousy.

2. The New Couple

The New Couple
Bri and Javi didn't date for very long, but their relationship carried consequences that are still reverberating months after their breakup.

3. The Rivals

The Rivals
Kailyn and Briana flat-out hate each other, and as far as we can tell Bri went after Javi basically as a means of getting revenge on Kail.

4. The Timeline

The Timeline
Earlier this season Kail admitted to hooking up with Javi. Fans had known about low-key reconciliation for quite some time, but Kail's revelation complicated Javi's love life in a big way.

5. Overlap

Javi was involved with three different women in the span of just a few short weeks -- and now it seems he didn't bother dumping one before hooking up with the next.

6. Simpler Times Ahead?

Simpler Times Ahead?
These days, Javi is engaged to Lauren Comeau, who is expecting his child. But that doesn't mean the skeletons of his romantic past are content to remain buried.

7. Miami Bombshell

Miami Bombshell
During his unexpected visit to Miami on last week's episode, Javi basically used Lauren as a bargaining chip to help him win Briana back.

8. Savvy Moves

Savvy Moves
He informed Briana that he has a girl waiting in the wings who's willing to move to Delaware just to be with him.

9. The Past Comes Back

The Past Comes Back
No word on how Lauren felt after watching that scene, but we're guessing it wasn't her favorite.

10. The Trouble With Television

The Trouble With Television
That's the problem with starring in a long-running reality show -- every few months, your past comes back to bite you.

11. Furious Kail

Furious Kail
And it's not just Lauren who has cause to be pissed off over Javi's antics this season. No, Kail was also burned by his bed-hopping ways.

12. An Emotional Connection?

An Emotional Connection?
For one thing, it looks as though Kail and Javi's hookup was no mere booty call. Based on her comments to Leah Messer, it seems Kail briefly thought that she and Marroquin might get back together. But that impression didn't last long ...

13. The Betrayal

The Betrayal
Kail told Leah that she didn't “feel anything" during her hookup with Javi. Still, she probably wasn't happy to learn that her ex was bed-hopping all over the country.

14. What We Know So Far:

What We Know So Far:
So Javi was almost certainly hooking up with Lauren when he flew to Miami to try and win Briana back.

15. Where Does He Find the Time?

Where Does He Find the Time?
And at some point in all of this, Javi hooked up with Kailyn. And fans believe that despite what he claimed, he was still banging Briana at the time.

16. To Recap:

To Recap:
If you're keeping score at home, that means Javi was hooking up with at least three different women at the same time, two of whom were his exes.

17. A Low Blow

A Low Blow
According to Kailyn, Javi took their son, Lincoln, to meet Lauren while Lowry and Marroquin were still hooking up and trying to repair their relationship.

18. Bigger Fish to Fry

Bigger Fish to Fry
Kail has a lot on her plate these days, and we're sure she's pretty much over Javi at this point, but still ... finding out about it in that way couldn't have felt good. As for Javi ...

19. He's Trying to Settle Down!

He's Trying to Settle Down!
Javi is gonna try this whole marriage and family thing once again. Here's hoping he has better luck this time around.

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