Kailyn Lowry SLAMS Jenelle Evans: You're Too Dumb to Homeschool Your Kids!

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We've known for years that Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans aren't exactly besties.

But lately, their mutual dislike for one another has escalated to the level of an all-out war.

Earlier this week, Lowry blasted Evans on Twitter, calling her co-star out for much of the scandalous behavior that's made Jenelle so unpopular with fans.

She also revealed that Jenelle had blocked her, which led many to believe that was the end of the feud.

Of course, we should have known better ...

Jenelle can't resist talking trash, and today she fired more shots at Kail -- and was swiftly put in her place.

Jump into the gallery below for one of the ugliest Teen Mom exchanges to date:

1. Back At It

Back At It
Jenelle and Kail have been at one another's throats lately, and many now believe Evans is badly outmatched in this battle of wits.

2. The Podmother

The Podmother
It seems Jenelle has taken issue with the fact that she's occasionally a topic of conversation on Kail's Coffee Convos podcast.

3. Jenelle Goes Off

Jenelle Goes Off
"Soooo it’s OK to constantly talk about me on their podcast tho? Don’t you have any other topics than me?!" Evans tweeted this week.

4. Just Don't Listen?

Just Don't Listen?
When fans pointed out that it's actually quite easy to avoid a podcast that one doesn't care to listen to, Jenelle argued that the problem goes beyond Coffee Convos.

5. Talking Smack

Talking Smack
"Nah, articles are always written talking s--t about me," Jenelle tweeted, adding of Kail: "Don’t blame her though... she’s just always trying to remain relevant."

6. The Coward's Way Out

The Coward's Way Out
It was then that we learned Jenelle was hurling insults at someone she had blocked. It looked like kail would have the final word with this tweet, but today, Evans fired back ...

7. Podcasting Away

Podcasting Away
Jenelle fired back with this puzzling tweet, in which she claims to be above the feud that she's currently perpetuating.

8. What Is She Even Saying?

What Is She Even Saying?
That tweet came after this one from Jenelle, in which she claimed that she never listens to Kail's podcast. Whatever ...

9. The Presidential Hashtag

The Presidential Hashtag
"While you’re over here podcasting away, tweeting pure bullshit about me, or posting #FakeNews.. I’ll be over here homeschooling my stepdaughter and minding my business," Jenelle tweeted today.

10. Come Again?

Come Again?
The response from fans was one of universal horror: Jenelle Evans homeschools her stepdaughter?!

11. Dumb As a Rock

Dumb As a Rock
One Teen Mom 2 fan account devoted to Jenelle's infamous mom said what we were all thinking with this tweet.

12. Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'
We hate to sound mean, but this is the same Jenelle Evans who recently had CPS called to her home 20 times (!!!) in less than a year.

13. A Thorough Roasting

A Thorough Roasting
Kail not only retweeted that epic burn, she added a little commentary of her own for good measure.

14. A Gooder Education

A Gooder Education
Jenelle is always low-hanging fruit for Teen Mom 2 fans, but the revelation that she thinks she's up to the task of homeschooling her stepdaughter really yielded some comic gold.

15. Keepin' 'Em Quiet

Keepin' 'Em Quiet
Of course, it could be that Jenelle and David have good reason for keeping their kids at home. Did we mention that they had CPS called on them 20 times in less than a year?

16. A Serious Matter

A Serious Matter
For the most part, fans have been joking about Jenelle as a teacher, but as some have pointed out, the idea of as child being educated by Jenelle is actually rather unsettling.

17. A Math Problem

A Math Problem
Of course, this is Jenelle we're talking about, so there's still plenty to laugh at.

18. A Solid Point

A Solid Point
Naturally, many fans were quick to point out the hilarious irony of Jenelle claiming that she's minding her own business while simultaneously trying to pick a fight.

19. Waiting For a Response

Waiting For a Response
Sadly, Jenelle has yet to respond to Kail's comment, but you can be sure she'll attempt some sort of feeble comeback very soon.

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