Kailyn Lowry: Javi Marroquin Cheated on Me With Lauren Comeau!

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Last month, the world learned that Lauren Comeau is pregnant with Javi Marroquin's baby.

Teen Mom 2 fans were stunned, as the news came just weeks after reports that Javi was working on reconciling with his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry.

Needless to say, fans have been eagerly awaiting Kailyn's reaction to this chain of events.

And now, she's giving the people what they want with a seriously salty take on this very shady situation:

1. The Big Announcement

The Big Announcement
Javi shared the news of Lauren's pregnancy via social media on May 30. The announcement came just six weeks after fans learned that Javi and Lauren were back together.

2. A Surprise Reconciliation

A Surprise Reconciliation
Back in March, Lauren revealed that she and Javi were once again dating. She posted this photo on Instagram, along with a caption about the two of them "coming apart" so that they could "come back together."

3. Getting Around

Getting Around
There's been major interest in just how far along Lauren is, as the news came soon on the heels of Javi's hookups with both Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus.

4. One Shady Timeline

One Shady Timeline
As far as we know, Javi dated Briana, broke up with her, and then briefly reconciled with Kailyn. But he may have been seeing Lauren on the sly during both of those previous relationships.

5. Kail's Concerns

Kail's Concerns
Kail has stated that she felt betrayed when she learned of Javi's reconciliation with Lauren. But does she believe he cheated on her?

6. Opening Up

Opening Up
Lowry shared her thoughts on the Javi debacle on the latest episode of her podcast. And it seems she's just as upset about the situation as fans suspected ...

7. The Ultimate Betrayal

The Ultimate Betrayal
Kail declined to comment on the specifics of Javi's overlapping romances, but she made it quite clear that not everything was on the up-and-up.

8. A Troubling Timeline

A Troubling Timeline
“You know what? [The timeline] is one thing I’m not going to get into,” Lowry stated when asked about the situation by her co-host, Lindsie Chrsley.

9. Bump-Guessing

Fans have been examining Lauren's baby bump for clues about how far along she is. Kailyn played that game on her podcast and came up with very different results.

10. Kail's Assessment

Kail's Assessment
“I don’t think she’s five to six weeks [pregnant], but I want to say [she’s] between three and four weeks [pregnant]," Lowry stated.

11. Results May Vary

Results May Vary
On social media, most fans who weighed in on the matter guessed that Lauren was several MONTHS along. And if that's the case, Javi would have some serious explaining to do.

12. Briana Weighs In

Briana Weighs In
If, as some fans believe, Lauren is in her second trimester, then Briana also has reason to be upset.

13. The Overlap

The Overlap
Javi previously confessed that he began dating Briana while he was still "trying to win Lauren back." Now, it seems there may have been some significant overlap between those two relationships.

14. The Benefit of the Doubt

The Benefit of the Doubt
Asked about the possibility that Javi may have cheated on her with Lauren, Briana was much more forgiving than Kail.

15. Make That VERY Fast

Make That VERY Fast
“He sure did move on fast, [but] I don’t think [Javi] did cheat on me,” DeJesus told Radar Online.

16. Different Situations

Different Situations
Of course, it's easier to forgive someone you dated for three months than someone you married and had a child with. Just sayin' ...

17. No Love From Fans

No Love From Fans
On the Teen Mom-obsessed corners of Reddit, fans have been highly skeptical of the recent events in Javi's love life. "Javi lying by omission (or just straight lying), as per usual,"wrote one user.

18. Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory
"Either he was very briefly not with Bri, and slept with Lauren, and it’s his child, or it’s not [his child] and he knows, and is an even bigger famewh--e than I thought," commented another. Fortunately for Javi, one very important person remains on his side ...

19. Javi and Lauren Forever

Javi and Lauren Forever
It seems there's nothing Javi could do to lose Lauren's love. We suppose that's a good thing, as the couple likely has some very rough times ahead.

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