Kailyn Lowry: It's True, I'm Pregnant!

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If you keep up with all the comings and goings of those wild and crazy Teen Moms, then you know that a few weeks ago, a pretty big bombshell was dropped.

Yep, we're talking about Kailyn Lowry's alleged pregnancy.

But today, we've got even bigger news, if you can believe it.

Because today is the day that Kailyn actually confirmed that she actually is pregnant with her fourth child ...

1. Man Oh Man

Man Oh Man
Kailyn's life has always been a bit crazy -- even when she was a child, she had to deal with an alcoholic mother and an absent father.

2. Lots of Hardships

Lots of Hardships
Things got more difficult when she of course became a teen mom after giving birth to her first child, Isaac.

3. Settling Down?

Settling Down?
Things seemed to calm down for her a lot after she got with Javi Marroquin -- they got married, he became a great stepfather to Isaac, and they even welcomed a son of their own, Lincoln.

4. Here We Go

Here We Go
But after a few years, their marriage fell apart ... and after that, the chaos really began.

5. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
Shortly after she split with Javi, she became pregnant with her third child, Lux. The father? Some guy she went to college with named Chris Lopez.

6. Oof

We couldn't watch all of this play out on Teen Mom 2 since Chris refused to film, but from what we saw from Kailyn's point of view, Chris was awful to her throughout her pregnancy. He had another girlfriend, he refused to come around or show up to doctor's appointments, and was just basically completely unsupportive.

7. Sad

She said that he did show up to the hospital after she gave birth to Lux, and he spent some time with them for a little while after that, but then things got bad again.

8. Horrifying

As she claimed in her last book, Chris broke a window in her bedroom when she was there with Lux. She also said that he broke in her back door when all the kids were home.

9. Awful

She said that he did absolutely nothing for Lux for a long time, but around the time of the baby's first birthday, they seemed to patch things up a bit -- at one point, it even looked like they were dating again.

10. Hmmm

It's hard to know everything that's been happening between these two since Chris is much more private that Kailyn, but the gist of it seems to be that sometimes they get along, and sometimes they really, really do not.

11. Of Course!

Of Course!
So why not throw another baby into the mix?!

12. Wow

This all started last month when Chris' aunt announced Kailyn's pregnancy on Instagram, showing a photo of someone holding a sonogram and claiming that the baby is due on July 25th.

13. Found Out?

Found Out?
Some observant fans noticed that the hand holding the sonogram in that photo had a manicure that was identical to one that Kailyn had recently, and lots of people saw that as proof that the woman was telling the truth.

14. Not Talking

Not Talking
Kail was silent for a while after that, which makes sense, considering everything else that was happening at the time.

15. Oh No

Oh No
Yep, turns out that Chris was arrested twice back in October, which would have been when she became pregnant. She also obtained a domestic violence protective order against him at this time.

16. What a Time

What a Time
The day after his aunt announced the pregnancy, a warrant was issued for his arrest after he allegedly violated that protective order. Pretty awful, right?

17. Oh, Chris ...

Oh, Chris ...
He was arrested and ended up spending a few days in jail, and when he was released he took to Instagram to beg Teen Mom fans to leave him alone -- he also insisted that Kailyn wasn't pregnant.

18. Not So Fast

Not So Fast
But, thanks to a brand new post from Kailyn's own Instagram, we know that was definitely a lie.

19. Whoa

Because she just officially announced the big news!

20. So. Many. Kids.

So. Many. Kids.
She used this adorable photo with Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux to share the big news, and in her caption, she wrote "We’re confirming the news, baby #4 is coming soon!"

21. Awww

"I’m almost 16 weeks pregnant & it’s been a rough few months this time around," she continued. "I've had nausea, morning sickness, and absolutely no energy."

22. Here's Hoping!

Here's Hoping!
"This week I’m starting to feel a bit better and I'm really hoping it stays this way!"

23. What

She wrote that "@Peanut has been an amazing support for me since I found out I was pregnant again," because yep, she really used an ad to announce this pregnancy. She really did that.

24. OK

Apparently she's promoting a social network app for pregnant ladies -- she said "Going through nausea and morning sickness while trying to keep the news a secret can be quite isolating. There are so many helpful threads on the app from other women who have been through it too."

25. Surprised

She went on with the ad stuff for a bit, but this is it, guys -- she really is pregnant again.

26. Getting the Facts

Getting the Facts
If she's almost 16 weeks pregnant, then it looks like the July 25th due date is accurate. So what else do we know about all of this?!

27. Getting Sassy

Getting Sassy
She's been replying to a few comments on her post -- for example, one person told her to keep her legs closed and she wrote back with "My legs were closed, have you never heard of doggy style?"

28. The Plan?

The Plan?
She said that her plan this time around was to have a home birth, and when someone told her that she was working on having her own football team, she said "Going for the starting 5," which may be more of a joke and less of an announcement that she's already thinking about getting pregnant one more time after this kid is born.

29. Keeping Quiet?

Keeping Quiet?
She hasn't officially confirmed that Chris is the father, but we have no reason to believe he isn't. And since she would have gotten pregnant in October, the same month that she filed for the protective order against Chris after he was arrested twice ... it's hard to say just what their relationship is like these days.

30. Such a Roller Coaster

Such a Roller Coaster
Are you surprised that this news turned out to be true?

31. Kind of Scary

Kind of Scary
And are you as nervous as we are for how this is all going to turn out?

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