Josh & Anna Duggar Expecting Again: Their Bizarre Journey to Baby #6

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Well, it's official -- Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting their sixth child.

Despite the fact that Anna pregnancy rumors circulate on social media pretty much nonstop, a lot of fans were still surprised by the news.

You can count us among those who were taken off-guard by the couple's video announcement.

Sure, the rumors are constant, but that's all the more reason they can usually be discounted.

The situation has caused us to reflect on the bumpy road that brought Josh and Anna to this point.

Here's a look back at how it all began, as well as the many challenges these two have faced along the way:

1. The Beginning

The Beginning
Josh is the oldest of the Duggar kids, and he was the first of Jim Bob and Michelle's children to tie the knot and start a family.

2. The First Grandkid

The First Grandkid
No doubt Anna will always have a special place in her in-laws' hearts for giving the offspring-obsessed Duggars their first grandchild.

3. Keeping Tradition Alive

Keeping Tradition Alive
When Mackynzie (who's now 9) joined the family, it looked as though Josh and Anna would follow in his parents' footsteps.

4. D.C. Bound

D.C. Bound
But the couple surprised fans when they moved to Washington. D.C. so that he could work as a lobbyist.

5. Keeping Up the Pace

Keeping Up the Pace
Two more kids -- Michael and Marcus -- followed soon after Mackynzie.

6. Doing the Duggar Deed

Doing the Duggar Deed
Josh and Anna continued to welcome kids at the rate of one every two years, and they seemed to have the full support of both fans and his family.

7. The First Scandal

The First Scandal
But in May of 2015, the world learned that Josh had molested five young girls -- four of whom were his sisters -- in 2002 and 2003.

8. She Knew

She Knew
This news would not have come as a surprise to Anna, who was reportedly aware of the allegations before she married Josh.

9. The Coverup

The Coverup
The situation was made worse by the revelation that Jim Bob and Michelle helped Josh avoid prosecution and assisted in keeping the scandal out of the media.

10. Not Finished Yet

Not Finished Yet
Anna stood by her man throughout the controversy that followed -- but more bad news was soon to come.

11. Madison Man

Madison Man
Just months after the sexual abuse revelation, the world learned that Josh used the affair-facilitating website Ashley Madison to try and find a cheating partner.

12. Convicted In the Court of Public Opinion

Convicted In the Court of Public Opinion
Again, fans urged Anna to move on and take her kids to a safer environment, but she refused.

13. Pressing On

Pressing On
As the scandal raged on, Josh and Anna welcomed their fourth child, Meredith, in July of 2015.

14. Taking the Cure

Taking the Cure
Meanwhile, Josh spent several months in a "faith-based" rehab facility to be treated for his sex addiction.

15. Staying the Course

Staying the Course
Shortly after Josh's return home, the Duggars announced that Anna was pregnant with her fifth child.

16. Shock and Outrage

Shock and Outrage
Fans were infuriated, but the Duggars were overjoyed, as they always are by baby news.

17. The Comeback Tour

The Comeback Tour
Around this time, Josh began to make appearances on the family's official social media accounts again.

18. Fans Weren't Having It

Fans Weren't Having It
It was widely rumored that the family was working to restore Josh's public image so that he might be able to return to television -- but those plans seem to have stalled.

19. Number Six

This week, Josh and Anna announced that they're expecting a sixth child by posting this video on Instagram.

20. Unconcerned

Yet again, many are outraged. And yet again, the Duggars don't seem bothered by the reaction.

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