Jill Duggar Offers Lame Parenting Advice, Gets Roasted on Instagram!

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The Duggars really enjoy offering parenting advice to their fans.

We're sure some folks appreciate this tendency, but it seems that just as many resent the unsolicited counsel.

After all, the Duggars could really benefit from tending to their own backyard, so when they get a tad too preachy, their fans are often quick to call them out.

This phenomenon took place in a big way this week, when Jill Duggar offered up some painfully obvious insights on parenting on her Instagram page.


1. Jill the Mom

Jill the Mom
Jill is a mother of two, and she obviously takes parenting very seriously. She homeschools her kids and loves to share parenting tips on social media.

2. Helping or Hurting?

Helping or Hurting?
Some fans find Jill's tips helpful, while others feel that she tends to be a bit preachy while offering advice that's already well-known to most parents.

3. Obvious Child

Obvious Child
Recently, Jill posted a new post on her blog about the importance of allowing children to play outside.

4. Yes, Really

Yes, Really
Apparently, Jill is under the impression that "let them play outside" is some sort of groundbreaking approach to parenting.

5. Jill Needs to Chill

Jill Needs to Chill
Needless to say, fans weren't exactly blown away with Jill's helpful hints. And many of them were quick to let her know that.

6. Sarcastic "Wow!"

Sarcastic "Wow!"
"A friend of ours called recently to check in," Jill wrote. "She said that when her girls were little and her husband was in school she would take her littles outside and give them a ball to play with and that they’d play for quite awhile before she brought them home, tired and ready for bed."

7. Helpful Jill

Helpful Jill
"I know playtime outside is important and of course anything you can do to keep kids busy is helpful!" Jill added.

8. Novel Idea!

Novel Idea!
"This past Saturday the boys seemed extra busy and Derick was at school studying, so I thought of my friend’s words and we headed outside!" Jill continued.

9. Ya Know, Kid Stuff ...

Ya Know, Kid Stuff ...
"They thoroughly enjoyed playing with balls, climbing trees, picking grass and other things," she went on.

10. The Simple Things

The Simple Things
"Sometimes I forget how enjoyable the simple things are, not to mention what good some fresh air and sunshine can do! " Mrs. Dillard exclaimed.

11. A Great Time Was Had By All

A Great Time Was Had By All
"It isn’t always 'easy,' and doesn’t guarantee that you won’t expend just as much energy as they will at this stage by just trying to keep this one from eating dirt, or helping the other one get 'unstuck' in the tree, or just kicking the ball around and/or fetching it from the ditch," Jill added. "All in all it was a great time."

12. Jill Speaks the Truth

Jill Speaks the Truth
"I captured some of the fun in the pictures below!" Jill concluded. And folks, she did exactly that.

13. The Dillard Kids

The Dillard Kids
Yes, Jill posted some pics of her kids playing outside so that her readers can see what the acitivities she's describing look like.

14. Israel In a Tree

Israel In a Tree
At one point during the afternoon, Israel Dillard climbed a tree. Jill shared the memorable moment with her fans.

15. To Be Clear:

To Be Clear:
All of this is perfectly nice, and it's great that Jill had her kids play outside and advised others to do the same.

16. That Said

That Said
It's not hard to see why so many fans took the opportunity to gently roast Jill for offering up such obvious advice.

17. A Helpful Friend

A Helpful Friend
"Did it not occur to you to have the kids play outside before your friend mentioned it?" commented one reader.

18. Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School
"You know what else keeps kids that age occupied? Kindergarten and school!" another added.

19. Burn!

"It probably is new for Jill," wrote a third. "She said playing with her children was exhausting. Jessa seemed to love letting them play." Like we said, fans didn't go easy on Jill, but because she lives in the real world about as much as Kylie Jenner, we guess that's to be expected.

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