Jennifer Lawrence Gets Photoshopped By the Internet, Hilarity Ensues

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We've seen minor controversies regarding Jennifer Lawrence and Photoshop in the past.

(We've also seen MAJOR controversies surrounding non-photoshopped pics of Jennifer Lawrence, but let's leave the Fappening in the past.)

In fact, most stories about celebs and Photoshop involve some sort of outrage, so let's just sit back and appreciate the fact that some folks on Reddit and Twitter took a pic of J-Law getting startled by a tape measure and decided to use the power of re-touching for good instead cellulite-erasing.

They've given us the sight of Jen sucking at Jenga, clearing a massive bong hit, and fighting Agent Smith from The Matrix, and for that, we thank them. Enjoy!

1. Jennifer Lawrence and a Tape Measure

Jennifer Lawrence and a Tape Measure
Jennifer Lawrence got startled by a tape measure. The Internet did what it does and 'shopped the pic into comic gold.

2. Jen-Travolta

We don't blame Jen for looking frightened here. Let's just be glad this pic is fake.

3. Jen Uses the Force

Jen Uses the Force
Hopefully J-Law will be cast in the next Star Wars film. We'd cll her character Qui-Gonn Jen.

4. Jen Plays Jenga

Jen Plays Jenga
Maybe Jenga isn't Jen's strong suit. In fairness, playing it outside is just asking for a slight breeze to come along and ruin your day.

5. Jennifer Lawrence: Berry Frightened

Jennifer Lawrence: Berry Frightened
Jen does some produce shopping. We've never seen anyone look at a berry quite like that.

6. Jen on the French Horn

Jen on the French Horn
Jen tries out for the school band. Maybe people play French horn after they graduate, but we doubt it.

7. Jennifer Lawrence Clears a Bong

Jennifer Lawrence Clears a Bong
If only this pic were real. We're sure Jen would be willing to recreate it.

8. Jen Takes the Red Pill

Jen Takes the Red Pill
Jen takes on Agent Smith. We hear she's quite the badass with a bow and arrow, as well.

9. Jennifer Lawrence Reacts to the Fappening

Jennifer Lawrence Reacts to the Fappening
Jen saw something she doesn't like on the Internet. We're guessing you can imagine what it is.

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