Jenelle Evans Threatens Fans: I'm Coming Back to TV, Dudes!!

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It's been a big week for Jenelle Evans news.

Which is very strange, because this is the time in which Jenelle is supposed to be lying low, staying away from the spotlight, and focusing on being mom.

Instead, we're learning that Jenelle is back with David Eason and planning to return "The Land" she previously shared with him in North Carolina.

Not only that, Evans is doing everything in her power to get back on TV.

And she says if MTV won't give her another chance, she'll take matters into her own hands.

Take a look:

1. The Comeback

The Comeback
Jenelle Evans says she wants to get back on TV ASAP. Hey, anything to avoid getting a real job, right?

2. The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner
In all likelihood, Jenelle NEEDS to get back on TV because her money is drying up, and she's got a lot of people to support.

3. Dave Is Back

Dave Is Back
There are her kids, obviously, but Jenelle also has to support David Eason, her human sponge of a husband who hasn't worked since 2017.

4. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Yes, believe it or not, after killing Jenelle's dog, costing her custody of her kids, and getting her fired, David is back in Jenelle's life. We learned this from a short video that highlights the desperation of her situation.

5. Still Hustling

Still Hustling
Jenelle recorded a piece of sponsored content for a company called BrushX. She can clearly be seen wearing her wedding ring in the clip.

6. Haunted By Her Past

Haunted By Her Past
The company later deleted the clip and cut ties with Jenelle after Teen Mom 2 fans informed them of her long history of violent and abusive behavior.

7. It's Happening

It's Happening
Insiders later confirmed that Jenelle is 100 percent back with David, and the couple is planning to give their marriage a second chance.

8. High Hopes

High Hopes
And in an interview with the website Pop Culture, Jenelle herself revealed that she's working overtime to get back on TV.

9. Out of Limbo

Out of Limbo
"I've kind of been in limbo for a year since last April, and I've been wanting to venture out and do my own things, and people are like, 'Why aren't you?'" Evans told the site.

10. Tied Down

Tied Down
"I'm stuck to this contract, and once I'm out of it, I can go and talk to other companies and stuff," she continued.

11. Locked In

Locked In
Yes, Jenelle previously revealed that she's reined in by a non-compete clause in her contract with MTV, which prevents her from seeking a deal with another network.

12. Back and Forth

Back and Forth
Now, however, she says she would be open to working with MTV again. Basically, she'll work with anyone who will have her.

13. Oh Good, She's Not Lying, For Once

Oh Good, She's Not Lying, For Once
"It's not just other companies," Jenelle said. "I'm not gonna lie, MTV, they're iffy about if they really wanna let me go or not."

14. For the Fans

For the Fans
"So I'm just sitting here, doing my own thing trying to keep YouTube updated, because my fans, they want to know — they're digging into my life, and they want to know what's up!" she continued.

15. Minor League

Minor League
Of course, YouTube is fine, but Jenelle has had a taste of the big time, and she's clearly of the belief that she'll be back on basic cable sometime very soon.

16. At Loggerheads

At Loggerheads
Evans says she's been communicating with her old bosses "here and there," but thus far, negotiations have stalled.

17. Keeping Her at Bay

Keeping Her at Bay
"Whenever I ask what's going on with me, they're just like, 'We don't know, we're just not gonna use you for this season right now,' and they're just kind of beating around the bush," she explained.

18. Stepping Away

Stepping Away
"I'm just gonna focus on myself, focus on my brand stepping away from Teen Mom and focusing on myself as a person and not attaching my name to that Teen Mom title," Jenelle added.

19. Not Taking the Hint

Not Taking the Hint
Yes, as you may have figured out from her comments, MTV will not be working with Jenelle again -- but she doesn't seem to be picking up on that fact.

20. The Sound of Desperation

The Sound of Desperation
"I think I'm just gonna wait until April, my plan is to wait until April and then venture out and talk to other production companies and stuff," she said. "But right now, I dont know where MTV's head is at. I mean, things can change in a minute, I have no idea,"

21. Plan-B

But fear not, Jenelle fans! Ms. Evans says she has plenty of ideas for projects she can pursue with other networks.

22. Ideas Upon Ideas

Ideas Upon Ideas
"I have a lot of show ideas -- a lot of different reality show ideas. Kind of like Bachelor-like style ideas, dating ideas, you know young mom ideas basically -- I wouldn't say teenagers though," she told Pop Culture.

23. Free to Create

Free to Create
"I have a bunch of thoughts running in my head, but whenever I want to pursue those opportunities, I can't and I'm put at a halt because I'm still stuck in a contract," she added.

24. What Could Go Wrong?

What Could Go Wrong?
Yes, it seems that Jenelle's ideas are basically "The Bachelorette, but with Jenelle Evans" and "Teen Mom, but without the teen moms."

25. Just Desserts

Just Desserts
Normally, this would be the point where we say we wish her all the best, but Jenelle has devoted much of her life to being a truly terrible person, and being made to enter the workforce for the first time at the age of 28 seems like a pretty fitting punishment.

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