Jenelle Evans: MTV Won't Even LET Me Quit Teen Mom 2! WTF!?

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Jenelle Evans is many things.

She's obnoxious, irritating, a terrible mother ... hell, she might be a full-blown sociopath.

But unfortunately for those who are hoping that she'll soon go away forever, Jenelle is also a rating s magnet.

It's for that reason that -- despite the many reports of Jenelle being fired from Teen Mom 2 -- she continues to have a job at MTV.

However, that may soon change, thanks to a contract dispute that has Mrs. Evans-Eason very publicly biting the hand that feeds her.

Jump into the gallery below to bear witness to Jenelle's attempts to piss off her bosses so badly that they'll finally kick her to the curb ...

1. Jenelle's Hell

Jenelle says she has lots of other job offers but is unable to take advantage of them due to the fact that she's stuck in a contract with MTV.

2. Talking Trash

Talking Trash
Jenelle is basically begging her bosses to fire her at this point, and she's being even more difficult than usual in hopes of making that happen.

3. Holding Out

Holding Out
On Sunday, Jenelle informed fans that she's not currently filming, but is unable to officially part ways with the show due to her contract.

4. Trump Speak

Trump Speak
"Have lots of offers from many different people, but you have to turn them down when you’re locked in a contract. #Annoying" she tweeted.

5. Keeping Surprisingly Cool

Keeping Surprisingly Cool
When a fan cast doubts on Jenelle's dubious claims, the Carolina Hurricane responded in surprisingly civil fashion.

6. Keepin' It Real?

Keepin' It Real?
"Just clarifying rumors," Evans tweeted. Although there are many who doubt the truthfulness of her claims ...

7. Locking Horns

Locking Horns
When another fan asked if Jenelle is still stuck in her contract, Evans "clarified" even further.

8. Biting the Hand That Feeds

Biting the Hand That Feeds
"Unfortunately, yes. Still butting heads," Jenelle said of her relationship with MTV. Asked what she'll do next, however, Evans seemed more than a little unsure.

9. A Thing of One's Own

A Thing of One's Own
"I'll go do my own thing," Jenelle told a producer after she threatened to quit in a recent episode of Teen Mom 2.

10. Big Things Afoot

Big Things Afoot
Jenelle went on to claim that she had deals in the works with Amazon and Netflix. Not surprisingly, she offered no specifics.

11. Point Blank

Point Blank
Recently, OK! magazine asked Jenelle directly if she had any deals in the works, and in a rare moment of honesty, Evans replied simply, "No."

12. Called Out

Fans, of course, have had very little tolerance for Jenelle's misleading statements, and many have taken to Twitter to call her out.

13. Trainwreck

"Don’t flatter yourself people watched you not because they liked you but because they couldn’t believe that there is actually someone so self destructive in this world and watched for the trainwreck of a life that you have and most don’t watch at all now because of the abuse," wrote one fan.

14. Contract Law

Contract Law
So you signed a contract that you were aware of but currently refuse to film because David cant. I believe you continue to just make more trouble for yourself," another tweeted.

15. Do Your Job!

Do Your Job!
"You should have just finished off filming until your contract was up and then quit. Just do things the right way..." the viewer continued.

16. Busted?

Another fan suggested that Jenelle is lying about her supposed contract, tweeting, "But ur not locked in a contract now!!!!!!!!! U said ur self that u haven’t signed new one yet...there are no offers!!!"

17. Another Accusation

Another Accusation
"STOP lying. @netflix already confirmed it was a lie and no one spoke to you about any offers," wrote yet another viewer.

18. The verdict Is In

The verdict Is In
As you can see, the consensus is that Jenelle is lying about pretty much every aspect of her relationship with MTV.l

19. Excuses, Excuses

Excuses, Excuses
As far as anyone can tell, Jenelle is not locked into any sort of contract; she's merely claiming she is so that she had an excuse for not moving on to her next big project. It's a charade that's sure to blow up in her face very soon.

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