Jenelle Evans: Leaving Teen Mom 2 AND Losing All Rights to Her Son?!

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Jenelle Evans never really comes off looking that great on Teen Mom 2.

And while that's great for us, consumers of delightfully trashy television, it's not so great for Jenelle herself, who is actually a real person.

Although she's been doing much better lately at not getting arrested, she's still a pretty big mess, and we've been seeing a lot of that this season.

For example, in last week's episode, we saw her follow a stranger to his house and pull a gun on him with her kid in the car.

And while that was more than bad enough, things got even stranger in the season finale.

1. So. Much. Rage.

So. Much. Rage.
OK, so last week, Jenelle did maybe the worst thing she's ever done on the show, which is impressive, considering all the terrible things she's done.

2. The Irony

The Irony
While driving Jace home to Barbara's house after his therapy appointment (LOL), a man in a big white truck tried to pass her. She sped up so he couldn't, then blocked him in and slowed down, because being a jackass just comes naturally to her.

3. Crazy Meets Crazy

Crazy Meets Crazy
Eventually the guy passed her on the shoulder, pulled in front of her, then slammed on his brakes. Jenelle had to slam hers, and that's what made her lose her damn mind.

4. Yikes

She called the police, then followed the man back to his house. On the way, she pulled out her gun and set it beside her, and when she got to his house, she pulled it on him.

5. An Altercation

An Altercation
He blocked her in with his truck so she couldn't get away because he'd called the police too, and while she was trying to go around him, she hit his mailbox. When she did get away, he followed her back out to the main road, then finally left her alone.

6. Bad Move, Jenelle

Bad Move, Jenelle
A cop pulled her over, but as we know now, nothing happened. Though she was scolded by David, which was surprising, because we figured he'd be all about that kind of backwards justice.

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