Jenelle Evans FIRED By Parenting App: Will the Teen Mom 2 Terror Ever Work Again?!

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For most of her adult life, Jenelle Evans has enjoyed the sort of financial security that most single moms can only dream of.

Despite never putting in full-time hours in an office, or any other workplace that might take her away from her children, Jenelle has been pulling in six figures for the past several years.

(Of course, she also lost custody of all three of her kids despite having all that time on her hands, but that's a conversation for another time.)

Needless to say, those days are done.

Jenelle has been fired from Teen Mom 2, and it's becoming painfully clear that she'll never work in media again.

In fact, it's beginning to look like no employer in their right mind will touch her with a ten-foot pole.

Take a look at Jenelle's latest adventures in unemployment:

1. Briefly Employed!

Briefly Employed!
Jenelle Evans has lost yet another cushy gig. And once again, her critics -- Hatters, as they're known on Twitter -- stepped in to alert her employers that they inadvertently hired a truly terrible person.

2. Oh, the Irony!

Oh, the Irony!
Believe it or not, Jenelle was hired by Peanut, a new app that offers parenting tips and social networking for moms.

3. A Familiar Name

A Familiar Name
Teen Mom 2 fans might remember Peanut as the app that sponsored Kailyn Lowry's pregnancy announcement.

4. Big Yikes

Big Yikes
That wasn't a terribly popular move, either for Kail, or for the app. But it didn't incite nearly as much outrage as Peanut's decision to partner with Jenelle freakin' Evans, of all people.

5. The Desperation Is Real

The Desperation Is Real
In a post that's since been deleted from her Instagram page, Jenelle sang Peanut's praises in the caption for a throwback photo of herself with her youngest child, daughter Ensley.

6. Who Wrote This For Her?

Who Wrote This For Her?
"Becoming a mother was really overwhelming for me," Jenelle wrote, which prompted many followers to point out that she had already been a mother for nearly a decade when Ensley was born.

7. The Windup ... and the Pitch

The Windup ... and the Pitch
"I didn't know where to turn to," Evans continued. "If you can relate to this, you should join [Peanut]. It's a great app for women to connect, get advice and find support."

8. That's a Lot of Support

That's a Lot of Support
Of course, Jenelle's brand of "support" includes her mother assuming permanent custody of her eldest child, and CPS taking her other two kids away. That's probably not the sort of arrangement most moms are looking for.

9. A Terrible Call

A Terrible Call
Obviously, Jenelle is the worst person on the planet to promote an app for conscientious moms, and the Peanut people could have determined this in about 5 seconds with a simple Google search.

10. Major "WTF?!" Vibes

Major "WTF?!" Vibes
But they didn't. Clearly, they were blinded by Jenelle's millions of followers and didn't realize that this move makes about as much sense as hiring Joseph Stalin to promote your meditation app.

11. Enter the Hatters

Enter the Hatters
Fortunately, the online "Hatter" community (so named for a Jenelle defender's misspelling of "hater") was quick to point out that the folks at Peanut had messed up big time.

12. How Did They Not Know?

How Did They Not Know?
Shortly after Evans' first endorsements appeared on her Instagram page, Hatters began messaging the Peanut people to inform them of her many atrocities.

13. Spreading the Word

Spreading the Word
Based on this response from the company, they received a LOT of anti-Jenelle messages in a very short period of time.

14. Letting It All Out

Letting It All Out
Across social media, Hatters vented their frustration at the fact that any company in the world would PAY Jenelle Evans to promote their products or services.

15. Quick Response

Quick Response
Fortunately, Peanut promptly did the right thing and terminated its relationship with Jenelle.

16. Mistakes Were Made

Mistakes Were Made
The folks at Peanut deserve applause for taking action in such a timely manner. And hopefully, a valuable lesson was learned about the importance of thoroughly researching all future sponsors.

17. Good Luck With That

Good Luck With That
Obviously, this is not Jenelle's first attempt to cash in on her infamy in the year since she was fired from Teen Mom 2.

18. Failed Mogul

Failed Mogul
First, she attempted to become the next Kylie Jenner by launching a cosmetics line.

19. Yeah, No ...

Yeah, No ...
Unfortunately for Jenelle, her products met with abysmal sales, and many buyers demanded refunds following reports of contamination.

20. America's Next Top YouTuber?

America's Next Top YouTuber?
These days, Jenelle is trying to make a name for herself on YouTube, where she posts mundane videos of herself going to bars and answering viewer questions. Often, the clips are filmed by her husband, David Easson.

21. Unreal

Yes, believe it or not, Jenelle is back together with David Eason. In fact, it looks more and more as though they never actually broke up, but instead staged a separation in a last-ditch effort to save Jenelle's career.

22. No Luck

No Luck
But living apart is expensive, and no TV networks are offering Jenelle a job. Which is why she and David are both living on The Land once again.

23. Still Trying

Still Trying
Jenelle and David are currently trying to hide the fact that they're back together, as they know she'll become even more untouchable to potential employers if she's married to a child and animal abuser.

24. You Can Never Be Too Careful

You Can Never Be Too Careful
Hopefully, going forward, companies like Peanut will conduct more research to avoid aligning themselves with the most toxic stars in the history of reality television.

25. On Her Grind

On Her Grind
In the meantime, you can bet that Jenelle will continue seeking sponsorships, as the only alternative is getting a real job. Fortunately, you can be equally certain that the Hatters will remain on high alert!

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