Jenelle Evans: Did She STEAL A DOG In the Aftermath of Hurricane Florence?!

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Thankfully, the impact of Hurricane Florence on the Carolinas wasn't as disastrous as some meteorologists predicted, but the storm still devastated many areas along the Carolina coast.

To the shock of many Teen Mom 2 fans, Jenelle Evans refused to evacuate ahead of Florence, but fortunately, her neighborhood avoided the brunt of the hurricane's impact.

But at this point, Jenelle is probably still wishing she had gotten out of Dodge for a few days, as her conduct in the wake of the storm is being heavily scrutinized these days.

And the latest accusation against her is so bizarre that we would never believe it -- were it not for the fact that this is Jenelle Evans we're talking about ...

1. It's a Hurricane, Dude!

It's a Hurricane, Dude!
Jenelle refused to heed the advice of experts, local authorities, and hundreds of fans, all of whom encouraged her to head for safer territory as Florence prepared to make landfall.

2. Braving the Storm

Braving the Storm
Jenelle and her family stuck it out through the storm, all the while posting pics of their relatively unaffected area, seemingly as a middle finger to the haters.

3. The Aftermath

The Aftermath
Eventually, Jenelle came to realize that even though her beloved "Land" survived unscathed, the hurricane was no laughing matter for many of her neighbors.

4. Helping or Hurting?

Helping or Hurting?
In the wake of the hurricane, Jenelle's behavior has been intensely scrutinized, as she's claimed that she and her husband are helping their neighborhoods, despite not offering any evidence to that effect.

5. Classic Jenelle

Classic Jenelle
Despite revealing that she and her family quickly ran out of food and gas, Jenelle has also downplayed her area's plight by using a "#whathurricane?" hashtag and boasting, "With this storm I'm getting skinner [sic], y'all."

6. Here We Go ...

Here We Go ...
Now, she's facing some truly bizarre allegations. And as usual, she's keeping a low profile and hoping this whole thing (no pun intended) blows over ...

7. Groceries For Jenelle

Groceries For Jenelle
Last week, Jenelle posted pics of food that she received from an organization called Full Cart. That kicked off one of the biggest scandals of Jenelle's very scandal-plagued career.

8. What's Going On Here?

What's Going On Here?
"Everyone that is affected by the hurricane can apply," Jenelle tweeted. "They sent me a confirmation email and I ordered on 9/18. Spread the word!"

9. So ... Jenelle Is Poor Now?

So ... Jenelle Is Poor Now?
Fans quickly determined that the charity is income based, which means millionaire Jenelle proooobably shouldn't have qualified.

10. It Keeps Getting Worse

It Keeps Getting Worse
As ugly as that scandal was, it was quickly overshadowed by an even more bizarre allegation, this one involving Jenelle, her Twitter account, and an innocent pooch.

11. Jenelle Finds a Dog

Jenelle Finds a Dog
Yes, Jenelle found a dog that appeared to have been orphaned by the storm. Seems innocent enough, right?

12. Jenelle ... KEEPS a Dog?!

Jenelle ... KEEPS a Dog?!
Ha! This is Jenelle we're talking about, which means nothing is truly innocent. In fact, she's now being accused of something downright nefarious.

13. Oh, Jenelle

Oh, Jenelle
Jenelle is being accused of ignoring the dog's owner, attempting to keep the dog, and then finally returning it amidst intense public pressure.

14. Mafioso on the Case

Mafioso on the Case
The Twitter account Ms Anon Mafioso has exposed a number of Jenelle scandals in the past, and she's done an admirable job of gathering the facts in this case.

15. Jenelle Evans, Dog Thief

Jenelle Evans, Dog Thief
Yes, it really looks as though Jenelle ignored the owner's efforts to find his dog and then claimed the dog ran away when she finally returned him.

16. Another Possibility ...

Another Possibility ...
Of course, it's possible that the dog really did escape from Jenelle's care. If that's the case, then that might serve to corroborate the rumor that Jenelle's Land has been a madhouse in the wake of the storm.

17. Why So Quiet?

Why So Quiet?
Whatever the case, it's undeniably strange that Jenelle has been so silent as all of this has unfolded on social media.

18. This IS Jenelle We're Talking About

This IS Jenelle We're Talking About
It's not as though she's the type to shy away from controversy. In fact, she usually seems to enjoy defending herself against such allegations.

19. Forever a Mystery

Forever a Mystery
We might never find out what really transpired between Jenelle and this dog, but one thing is for sure -- with all the chaos surrounding her life lately, the nickname "the Carolina Hurricane" has never been more apt.

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