Jenelle Evans & David Eason: Yeah, We Brought a Gun to Court! So What?

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Just when you think Jenelle Evans and David Eason have sunk as low as they can possibly go, they find a way to abase themselves even further.

As you're probably aware, Jenelle has lost custody of all of her children, as Child Protective Services determined that her husband is a threat to the kids' safety.

Last week, the Easons were in court, desperately fighting to regain custody, and for reasons that defy explanation, David thought it would be a good idea to bring a freakin' gun with him.

This left fans with a lot of questions, primarily -- how is he this stupid? And, is he trying to sabotage his wife's chances of regaining custody?

Join as we attempt to answer these questions and more:


1. These Two

These Two
You almost have to admire the skill with which they consistently f--k their lives up. But then you remember there are kids involved, and you just get sad.

2. Both Abuser and Victim

Both Abuser and Victim
At this point, David has essentially victimized his entire family -- but that doesn't mean Jenelle is innocent. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

3. The Terrible Twosome

The Terrible Twosome
Both Jenelle and David have been accused of child abuse numerous times over the years, but he's the only one currently under investigation by CPS.

4. RIP, Nugget

RIP, Nugget
The latest scandal started when David shot and killed Jenelle's pet dog in a fit of rage.

5. Her Decision

Her Decision
When Jenelle chose to remain with David despite his obvious instability and violent tendencies, CPS intervened and removed the kids from the home.

6. A Shot at Redemption

On Friday, Jenelle and David were in court to try and regain custody of her two youngest children and his daughter from a previous marriage. As you can see, they weren't exactly in high spirits during a recess in the proceedings.

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