Vicki Gunvalson DROPS Lawsuit Against Kelly Dodd to Save Her Job!

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The ongoing and vicious feud between Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd reached a new, bitter milestone this month.

Vicki was fully prepared to drag Kelly to court over statements that she made.

The OG of the OC accused Kelly of defaming her and her business.

Now, only days after filing, Vicki has withdrawn her lawsuit.

They haven't made up, but she had a very good reason for dropping suit.

Rest assured that we haven't heard the last of this latest bone of contention between the two fierce enemies.

1. The ladies are fighting ... again ...

The ladies are fighting ... again ...
Vicki and Kelly are once again at each other's throats, and this time it's so bad that they were fully prepared to go to court over it.

2. It all started on Friday, November 1

It all started on Friday, November 1
While most people were nursing hangovers or chowing down on candy or simply going back to work, Vicki filed a lawsuit against Kelly Dodd, Bravo, and NBCUniversal.

3. Why bite the hand that feeds her?

Why bite the hand that feeds her?
See, Kelly had made some statements during the filming of the show that Vicki demanded be edited out as they would, according to her, defame her and her business.

4. Here's what Kelly said

Here's what Kelly said
"You prey on older people,” Kelly reportedly accused Vicki. “You are a con woman." She accused her of engaging in "fraud."

5. Vicki didn't love that

Vicki didn't love that
Part of the appeal of being a Real Housewife is that, in addition to the paychecks and the endorsement opportunities, you get a bonus in visibility to your business, be it a restaurant or, in Vicki's case, an insurance and special services business that specializes in retirement. But if her business gets defamed on the show, that could massively backfire.

6. Why sue Bravo and NBC?

Why sue Bravo and NBC?
Vicki emailed them back in the first week of October explaining how allowing that footage to air would hurt her business. Remember, Real Housewives isn't Keeping Up With The Kardashians -- the stars don't have veto power over what airs.

7. She didn't get her way

She didn't get her way
To hear Bravo tell it, the overall quality of the show would be "harmed" by deleting Kelly's accusations, even if they ARE slanderous. Thus, the lawsuit.

8. But then ...

But then ...
Vicki almost immediately dropped her lawsuits against Bravo and NBCUniversal. You can sue your bosses or you can work for them, but doing both is extremely difficult.

9. But the heat was still on with Kelly Dodd

But the heat was still on with Kelly Dodd
Vicki didn't drop her lawsuit against Kelly at the same time. This would hardly be the first lawsuit between Real Housewives. It's a franchise of big personalities, conflict, drama, and money -- of course people are going to use their wealth to try to punish the people who make them angry.

10. But then ...

But then ...
On Monday, November 4, Vicki changed her tune, dropping the lawsuit against Kelly despite being furious with her.

11. Why?

Reports say that Vicki was told under no uncertain circumstances that she, a Friend of the Housewives, would not be permitted to film the Reunion if she and Kelly remain embroiled in this lawsuit.

12. Smart choice

Smart choice
She might extract some sort of petty satisfaction by entangling Kelly in a lengthy, expensive, miserable lawsuit and eventually forcing her to admit in court that Vicki's business is nothing like she described. (Remember, Brandi Glanville got taken to trial after a claim about Joanna Krupa's vagina's scent, which resulted in actual court testimony insisting that she had a faint but pleasant aroma)

13. But ...

But ...
Vicki would obviously rather play ball, taking part in the Reunion and hoping to regain her Orange next season. She has certainly been strongly relevant throughout this season.

14. And there's another consideration

And there's another consideration
What better format than the Reunion to debunk Kelly's claims about her business?

15. So, to clarify

So, to clarify
When you hear that Vicki dropped her suit against Kelly, it doesn't mean that they kissed and made up

16. Kelly continues to drag her

Kelly continues to drag her
She's mocked Vicki's apparent lack of storyline, asking if viewers are supposed to tune in to watch Vicki drink wine on the couch with her fiance, Steve Lodge

17. She's mocked all three Tres Amigas

She's mocked all three Tres Amigas
Kelly has repeatedly referred to the trio as old, tired, boring, worn out, and uninteresting.

18. Which is interesting ...

Which is interesting ...
Keep in mind that much of the storylines of those three women have revolved around their conflicts with Kelly, from Kelly playing whack-a-mole with Shannon's head to Kelly's unfriendly line about preferring to attend Vicki's funeral than her tea party.

19. They almost made peace, too

They almost made peace, too
But after Tamra mischeviously relayed Kelly's hurtful words to Vicki, things fell apart all over again. And we have a sneaking suspicion that we're going to see their feud get worse.

20. Well, crisis averted!

Well, crisis averted!
Vicki should be able to film the Reunion now and she and Kelly can hash out their mutual animosity where we can all watch and enjoy it.

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