Jay Smith: Get to Know His Mistress-Turned-Girlfriend, Kayla O'Brien

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It's been maybe a week since notorious 90 Day Fiance cheater Jay Smith went Instagram official with his girlfriend.

But fans don't really know much about Kayla O'Brien, except that she was Jay's mistress for months before Ashley found out and dumped Jay.

Rumors -- some of them pretty outlandish -- have circulated, and some aren't sure what to believe.

Here's everything that we know about Kayla.


1. Kayla is Jay's girlfriend

Kayla is Jay's girlfriend
It was obvious for a while, but finally confirmed when they went "Instagram official," uploading photos of themselves together for the first time early this month.

2. How long have they been dating?

How long have they been dating?
Since January. On January 11, Ashley filed to divorce Jay over his barbershop bang. On January 22, she took him back after he rushed to her side when she was hospitalized with kidney failure. They vowed to make it work ... but clearly, Jay's words were hollow.

3. When did the public learn her name?

When did the public learn her name?
When Jay turned himself in on July 3 and went into ICE custody for violating a Protection From Abuse order, it was Kayla who took the reigns of his social media -- and who started a GoFundMe account. She used her own name ... but only referred to herself as "Jay's friend."

4. And she greeted him when he got out

And she greeted him when he got out
Ultimately, it wasn't her GoFundMe but Jay's boss who bailed him out, but clearly, they were happy to see each other.

5. Is she pregnant?

Is she pregnant?
Ashley Martson started a rumor in a recent interview, saying: "From what I saw at court she could've been expecting. So if I sign [for him] I would be responsible for paying his child support. No way in hell am I going to put my name on that line. There's no way."

6. No

That rumor has been debunked -- in part by recent photos of Kayla looking not pregnant and also drinking.

7. What does this romance mean for Jay?

What does this romance mean for Jay?
There are a lot of fans speculating that, despite the end of Jay's marriage to Ashley, he might still be able to remain in the US -- if Kayla becomes his new sponsor. Those who believe the rumor that she's pregnant think that it could be part of a plan to give Jay a blood relative in the US and make it less likely that he is deported.

8. Is she a stripper?

Is she a stripper?
Ashley has claimed that Kayla is a stripper -- something that she may have simply assumed given that Jay was constantly at a local strip club, multiple times a week, spending Ashley's money and driving Ashley's car.

9. But apparently not

But apparently not
Kayla says that she is not and never has been a stripper (though of course there is nothing wrong with any kind of sex work and it does not deserve society's stigma). Kayla is a bottle service girl and always has been.

10. Kayla seems excited for her future with Jay

Kayla seems excited for her future with Jay
Multiple reports say that Jay's deportation is all but inevitable -- but on social media, Kayla is talking like Jay is her whole world. Kind of makes you wonder what she knows that the rest of us do not.

11. Will it work out?

Will it work out?
Jay had a PFA taken out against him and he immediately broke it. Between the accusations of abuse (and breaking and entering) required to get the PFA and the violation of it, he may have too much of a criminal record to stay, even if he and Kayla get married.

12. And that's assuming that he and Kayla work out

And that's assuming that he and Kayla work out
Sometimes, being the official girlfriend is less fun than being the mistress. We don't mean that it's less "exciting," we mean that, well, you're now the one officially dating a compulsive cheater who gets indignant when people call him out for cheating.

13. Will Jay cheat on Kayla?

Will Jay cheat on Kayla?
He apparently cheated on Ashley with six different women, and that's only AFTER they got married here in the US. And those are just the ones that Ashley knows about. Many fans have a hard time believing that Jay's going to magically embrace monogamy and faithfulness with Kayla.

14. Is she just repeating Ashley's mistakes?

Is she just repeating Ashley's mistakes?
Remember, there was a time when Ashley seemingly knew that Jay was cheating on her in Jamaica but didn't seem bothered. Kayla may be following in her footsteps.

15. We all know how that ended

We all know how that ended
Jay was miserable. Ashley was miserable. No amount of making it work actually worked, because Jay seems to think that adultery is just a normal part of life instead of a cruel betrayal of your spouse.

16. For now, Jay's enjoying himself

For now, Jay's enjoying himself
But he and Kayla can bone all that they like for the moment -- it doesn't mean that he won't face deportation. Right now, it looks like only Ashley has the power to keep him in the US, and she's absolutely not going to help him.

17. But with Jay, you never know

But with Jay, you never know
He does seem to be able to charm anyone into doing anything for him. Whether that means Ashley filing paperwork or Kayla getting knocked up on his behalf, he may have a shot at staying in America like he had hoped.

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