Jackie Evancho: Who is Donald Trump's Inauguration Singer?

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There are very few celebrities out there who support Donald Trump.

And there are even fewer celebrities out there in the music industry who support Donald Trump.

This is why the President-Elect has had trouble finding anyone on the A (or B... or C...) List to perform at his inauguration on January 20, 2017.

In the end, Trump's team settled on Jackie Evancho to sing the national anthem at this historic event.

The decision has led to at least one widespread question around the Internet: WHO IS JACKIE EVANCHO?

Get to know her below...

1. She Rose to Fame on America's Got Talent

She Rose to Fame on America's Got Talent
At just 10 years old! Belting out opera songs, Jackie finished second in 2010.

2. She's a Record-Setter

She's a Record-Setter
After coming in second on America's Got Talent in 2010, she became the youngest solo artist to release a platinum-selling album with "O Holy Night."

3. Since Her Run on AGT...

Since Her Run on AGT...
... Evancho has experimented with a number of genres. She has released multiple albums, including several Christmas collections and a record of film and showtune covers. She also released a pop single in April of 2016.

4. She Has Political Experience

She Has Political Experience
Political SINGING experience, that is. In 2010, she sang at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree and got to meet President Obama. She also sang at the official D.C. Fourth of July celebration in 2016.

5. Her Sister is Transgender

Her Sister is Transgender
At 18 years old, Juliet came out last year. She's actually part of a lawsuit against a Pennsylvania school district over restroom access, attempting to overturn legislation that states students can only use the restroom that corresponds with their gender at birth.

6. She Has a Favorite Type of Movie

She Has a Favorite Type of Movie
It's a "love story," Jackie once said. We're guessing she's a fan of The Notebook.

7. She Loves Animals

She Loves Animals
Jackie says the best gift she ever received was her dog, Maggie. She has served as a spokesperson for the Humane Society for a few years and she wants to help make sure seals are protected from hunting and being killed.

8. She's Met Donald Trump Before

She's Met Donald Trump Before
This photo was snapped six years ago. Who would have thought he'd eventually become President (gulp!) of the (gulp!!) United States (GULP!)?

9. She's Done Some Modeling

She's Done Some Modeling
Aside from her terrific vocal cords, Evancho has been making a name for herself in the modeling world. In 2012, she was selected by GUESS owner Paul Marciano to star in the brand's fall clothing campaign for kids.

10. She's Quite the Go-Getter

She's Quite the Go-Getter
In early 2012, Jackie was selected to travel to Russia to perform in front of 100,000 people prior to the opening of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. In March of 2013, Jackie performed as part of a Cirque du Soleil extravaganza at the Bellagio’s “O” Theatre to support “One Night for One Drop” on World Water Day. She's traveled often and done many charity events.

11. She's an Aries

She's an Aries
Jackie was born on April 9, 2000.

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