Husband Pregnancy Photos: LOL!

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Baby bump? Beer belly? Same difference to this awesome dude!

1. Black, White and Beautiful

Black, White and Beautiful
This husband figured that if his wife didn't want maternity pictures, why not pose for some paternity pictures?!?

2. A Belly of Beauty

A Belly of Beauty
This man is not expecting a baby; just laughter from all who view this photo.

3. YUM!

Who says you need to be pregnant to have a craving?

4. A Super Man

A Super Man
HA! This husband decided to use his beer belly to pose for some PATERNITY photos.

5. A Pretty Profile

A Pretty Profile
This man is not pregnant. But his wife is expecting a baby; hence the hilarious motivation behind this picture.

6. Beautiful Beer Belly

Beautiful Beer Belly
Sorry, ladies. But you don't own the market on beautiful large bellies.

7. Pregnant with Hunger

Pregnant with Hunger
Eat up, man! You won't have time for a meal on your own once your wife gives birth.

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