17 Things You Need to Let Go of ASAP

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Having a quarter-life crisis? Here are 17 things you need to let go of ASAP to get your sh*t together.

1. Your Ex

Your Ex
You're on. You're off. You're on. You're off again. MAKE A DECISION! Stick with it. Your future will thank you.

2. Your Dead End Job

Your Dead End Job
Don't waste 30 years in a job you hate. Find something you love doing, figure out how to make money doing it, and then do it forever. (Unless it's illegal.)

3. Acting Younger Than You Are

Acting Younger Than You Are
You're not a kid anymore. It's not sad. It's life. Embrace it.

4. Dressing Like You're Younger Than You Are

Dressing Like You're Younger Than You Are
If you dress like you're still in high school ... people probably will not think you're still in high school. They will think you're trying too hard.

5. Drugs

Hugs not drugs!!! No, but really. Depending on the drugs you're doing, some make you dull while others make you hate life the next day. Get a clear head to get your life together.

6. Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking
Binge drinking might seem fun while you're doing it, but the next morning? The next morning will be brutal. Because you - and your liver - just aren't that young anymore.

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