Farrah Abraham to Amber Portwood: You're Too Insane to Be on TV!

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If you're a Teen Mom OG fan, then by now, you're probably well aware of the abuse allegations against Amber Portwood.

Portwood stands accused of assaulting her former boyfriend Andrew Glennon on numerous occasions, often in the presence of her 1-year-old son, James.

Leaked audio recordings have provided evidence of Portwood's violent behavior, and yet somehow, Amber has not been fired from MTV -- and it doesn't appear that the network has any intention of letting her go.

Considering Farrah Abraham was fired for far less, it's not surprising that the outspoken former reality star has some strong feelings about the situation.

And she didn't mince words when asked for her Amber take in a recent interview.

Take a look:

1. Former Friends

Former Friends
There was a time when Farrah and Amber at least pretended to get along. Needless to say, those days are long gone.

2. The OGs

The OGs
In a way, these two started it all by demonstrating early on just how crazy things could get in the Teen Mom universe.

3. The Throwdown

The Throwdown
Sadly, their friendship fell apart in spectacular fashion when Amber and Farrah got into a physical altercation while filming a TMOG reunion special.

4. Downfall

In recent weeks, Amber has become arguably the most hated of all the Teen Moms, which is no mean feat.

5. Unforgivable

Amber is accused of using weapons such as a machete to attack Andrew, as well as verbally abusing him by hurling slurs and fantasizing about him getting gang-raped -- all in front of the former couple's infant son.

6. The Enablers

The Enablers
Shockingly, when news of the attacks first went public, Amber enjoyed a great deal of support from her current and former castmates -- including Farrah.

7. Change of Heart?

Change of Heart?
"I mean, I wish her all the best," Farrah said when asked about news that Amber had lost custody of her son. "It's really sad that ... I think it's just like everyone is saying. She has to focus on her health and her well-being."

8. Bad Moms Unite

Bad Moms Unite
"I know it hurts, as a mom, to have your kids taken away," Farrah added. "I know it hurts to sometimes make wrong choices and get off the beaten path that she wants to be on."

9. Lord of the Rants

Lord of the Rants
Farrah even applauded Amber for her endless social media tirades, saying, "And the more that we all talk about that, that she talks about that, that's awesome."

10. You Never Know With Her

You Never Know With Her
Of course, it wasn't long before Farrah did a random 180 and totally reversed her opinion of Amber.

11. How Did This Happen?!

How Did This Happen?!
For reasons we'll never understand, Farrah was invited to attend the Emmys on Sunday night, and when she wasn't harassing Jeff Bezos, she was launching anti-Amber tirades on the red carpet.

12. Stating Her Case

Stating Her Case
Asked by Hollywood Life if she's spoken to Amber, Farrah replied bluntly, “For one, I do not speak to others who are very vulgar and abusive. I haven’t spoken to her."

13. Never Forget

Never Forget
"I think, the last time we saw me with her was her trying to attack me on stage at the reunion, and Catelynn [Lowell] and Maci [Bookout] supporting her in that," Abraham added.

14. Fired Farrah

Fired Farrah
Naturally, Farrah took the opportunity to remind us again how happy she is to have been fired from the show, saying, "I have to say that was a sad way for me to leave it. I think it’s getting worse and in a devastating kind of a way.”

15. We Have No Idea

We Have No Idea
Getting back to Amber, Farrah argued that the main problem is that her troubled ex-co-star ... dates too much?

16. Yeah ... That's Not It

Yeah ... That's Not It
“As a mom, I feel like just stopping the dating might be helpful and might empower her inner strength,” she said.

17. Here Comes the Word Salad

Here Comes the Word Salad
“I do wish Amber all the best," Abraham went on. "I feel that children, adults, family members, everyone associated should be treated with care, love. And that’s where the society and the world is going."

18. Yeah, We Don't Get It

Yeah, We Don't Get It
Farrah went on to reveal that she became aware of the audio evidence against Amber well before it went public, and for that reason ... she's glad she got fired from TMOG two years ago?

19. Your Guess Is As Good As Ours

Your Guess Is As Good As Ours
"I do wish them all the best. But, I meant for good," Abraham said. "I have made my choice to not ever come back to Teen Mom and I’m sorry that I left like that, because I took some amazing meetings for some fans, and I was not privileged to the audio before I took that meeting. I think some people are having power trips with having a position on a show for too long.”

20. Surprise, Surprise

Surprise, Surprise
“Some people would be surprised. I’ve never been surprised, because I’m very honest to a fault,” she went on.

21. Farrah Goes Deep

Farrah Goes Deep
"I’m very deep about actually understanding the person who I’m working with. I’ve dealt with a lot of jealousy, mental illness, misbehavior and mistreatment from a lot of people for years," she blathered on. "I just don’t think anyone should be surprised of that.”

22. Of Course ...

Of Course ...
Asked if she thinks Amber needs professional help, Farrah took things a step further and argued that ALL of her former co-stars should be in therapy.

23. Low Blow

Low Blow
“Amber can seek her own help. If she truly desires it, she will seek it herself,” Farrah continued. “I’ve just been very hurt from the past scenarios and I’m happy that Gary [Shirley] is with Leah [Shirley] (Amber and Gary’s 10-year-old daughter).

24. "New Boyfriend"

"New Boyfriend"
"I’m sure her new husband or boyfriend is with her new child," Farrah added, making it sound like Andrew is some dude Amber just started dating.

25. All the Shade

All the Shade
"I really hope that, not only Amber, but I hope Catelynn, I hope Maci… gets some help. They seriously need it," Abraham concluded.

26. We Hate to Say It ...

We Hate to Say It ...
As usual, Farrah took things way too far, but a lot of ber observations about Amber were pretty on point. And now we're furious with Portwood for making us side with freakin' Farrah.

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