Farrah Abraham SLAMMED By Fans For Exploiting Derek Underwood's Death!

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Long before she became the infamous Backdoor Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham was simply a midwestern teenager coping with some very challenging circumstances.

It's hard to imagine now, but there was a time when Farrah was the most sympathetic star on 16 and Pregnant, having lost her boyfriend, Derek Underwood, in a car wreck while she was pregnant with his child.

The years since have brought tremendous change to Farrah's life, but she still took time to remember Derek on the 10th anniversary of his death last week.

Of course, Farrah being Farrah, she did so in a wildly insensitive fashion that outraged her social media followers.

Take a look:

1. Cemetery Party!

Cemetery Party!
Farrah kicked things off with an oddly festive gathering at Derek's grave.

2. Farrah's Gonna Farrah

Farrah's Gonna Farrah
We suppose every family mourns in its own way, but the bright colors and number 10 balloons to mark Derek's decade in the grave seem like a bit much.

3. A Grave Occasion

Video from the gathering indicates that the whole thing seemed to have sort of an uncomfortable vibe.

4. As Expected

As Expected
Farrah caught a fair bit of flak for trotting out her daughter to exploit the tragic death of a teenager.

5. It Gets Worse

It Gets Worse
But it wasn't the grave party that earned Farrah the harshest criticism.

6. Yikes

No, that honor belongs to a photo of Derek's mangled car after the fatal accident that Abraham decided to post to her Instagram story for some reason.

7. The Backlash

The Backlash
Not surprisingly, many fans took issue with Farrah sharing such a gruesome image, seemingly without the consent of his parents or other family members.

8. A Bit Out of Line

A Bit Out of Line
“It's really insensitive, she's staying relevant from Derek’s death at the moment,” one follower commented.

9. Traumatic Stuff

Traumatic Stuff
“If I was related to him, I'd definitely have something to say about this, it's not good & not good for Sophia to see this, it would traumatize her," the user continued.

10. Next Level

Next Level
“That is just next level creepy,” another user added. “Why does she have the need to share literally EVERYTHING in her life?”

11. You Don't Have to Wonder

You Don't Have to Wonder
“I wonder if his family thinks this is insensitive,” another person posted.

12. Pretty Pissed, Indeed

Pretty Pissed, Indeed
“If my son died in a car accident and the baby mama with millions of followers was posting pictures for attention/sympathy, I’d be pretty pissed," the commenter concluded.

13. Of Course

Of Course
Further infuriating some fans was the fact that Farrah seemed to be very much enjoying all of the attention she was receiving from Derek's death.

14. The Documentary

In addition to the many photos she posted on Instagram, Farrah also created a lengthy YouTube video in which she spends time with Derek's family.

15. Farrah's Thoughts

Farrah's Thoughts
"These last couple of days have been some of the best days in my life, today is the 10th Anniversary of Sophia’s Father, Derek Underwood, the love of my life’s car accident 12/28/2008 that changed my life forever," Farrah wrote in a lengthy Instagram post.

16. That's ... An Odd Way of Putting It

That's ... An Odd Way of Putting It
"Seeing Sophia spend the night at her dads parents house on the 10th anniversary fills me with joy," Abraham continued.

17. Reliving the Hard Times

Reliving the Hard Times
"I can't believe I even lived to see this day as I never thought I would get through the sadness, suicidal thoughts , depression, anxiety and hardships of loosing someone I loved this much who I thought I would be with today," Farrah added.

18. Actual Emotion From Farrah

Actual Emotion From Farrah
"Today marks a new decade with the family and loved ones who held through this decade and now were filled with love, gratefulness, and confidence that we are blessed with the best angel of Derek watching over us, this new decade, new year will be one of our best and I'm so thankful and feeling so happy," Abraham went on.

19. We'll Give Her This One

We'll Give Her This One
"Thank you Derek for watching over us all & showing me to live my best life with our daughter," Farrah concluded.

20. The Verdict

The Verdict
The car wreck photo was an awful idea, and she does seem to be enjoying the attention a bit too much, but we'll give Farrah the benefit of the doubt here and assume her heart was at least partially in the right place. Our thoughts go out to Derek's family.

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