Farrah Abraham to Fans: For Just $10, You Can Physically Touch This!

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With a friend claiming that Farrah Abraham is a hooker, perhaps now isn't the best time for her to be effectively selling her body -- but that's just what the former Teen Mom star was doing.

Sort of.

Farrah Abraham Fired

Over the weekend, Farrah was selling hugs, handshakes, and the opportunity to "chit chat" with her to anyone willing to meet her price.

Just wait until you see her price list.

San Diego Comic Con was just a few weeks ago, and it was full of dazzling trailers and even some surprise announcements that brought tears of joy to fans across the globe.

Bell County Comic Con took place on August 4 and 5 at the Bell County Expo Center in Belton, Texas.

And, for whatever reason, Farrah Abraham was there, as the eagle-eyed folks at The Ashley noticed.

Farrah Abraham Hug Prices

We know that comic con events can feature a diverse array of guests, from artists to actors to writers to directors.

But Teen Mom stars -- sorry, former Teen Mom stars -- are a little different from what you'd expect in a convention hall full of fans and cosplayers.

But that's not all. Farrah was there to make money.

If someone did wander over to Farrah -- perhaps to comment that she still looks as great as she did in Aliens when she faced off against Sigourney Weaver -- Farrah would charge them ten whole dollars to shake her hand.

Teen Mom fans all know where Farrah's hands have been.

Backdoor Teen Mom

Speaking of which, you could also purchase a hug from Farrah for $10.

If you wanted to avoid physical contact with Farrah while still listening to her speak, you could "chit chat" with her for $5.

We're envisioning a sign that reads "$5 Word Salads" but we imagine that Farrah would not advertise that way.

For $40, she would write her actual name for you.

Alternatively, you could spend those $40 on a photo of Farrah. Not a signed photo, mind you - just a photo op.

(That part, at least, is sort of normal.)

Dead Eyes

If you wanted Farrah to go so far as to sign her name on a photo of herself, therefore completing the prophecy and ushering in the end times?

That would cost you $70.

For $80, Farrah would star in a personalized video that you could use to impress all of your friends by showing off how poorly you use your money.

But it's not uncommon for stars to make money at convention appearances, right? So ... is this unusual?

In a word: yes.

Farrah Abraham's Red Hair

"We go to several cons a year," one bewildered con attendee wrote on Twitter. "And I have never seen anyone charge for a hug, handshake, or to freaking chit chat!"

"And I’ve met people from Ron Perlman to Norman Reedus to Chazz Palminteri!" that person continued. "Farrah Abraham is gross and desperate!"

Gross and desperate more or less summarizes her brand.

"Selling hugs … desperate much!?" wrote another person. "Who does that?!"

Farrah does - with a little help from daddy dearest Michael Abraham, who was also at the booth, selling physical and verbal contact with his daughter.

Michael Abraham Photo

There is nothing wrong with celebrities charging fans money to get a photo together. Some fans even use those photos to propose -- it's adorable.

There is also nothing wrong with sex work.

Your body is your body, and, morally speaking, you have every right to be compensated for what you do with it.

But many people take issue with what Farrah has been doing, and it's easy to see why if you get past all the nonsense.

Selling autographs is not the same thing as selling "chit chat" and gives the impression that she despises any and all contact with her fans.

True or not, her fans - and she really does have them, from what we can tell - are the only way that she stays in business.

Well, the only way that her remaining businesses stay open ... since her frozen yogurt store shut down and all.


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