Dying Dog Draws Giant, Inspiring Crowd for Final Walk

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ATTENTION: Major tears ahead...

Walnut, an 18-year-old whippet, took his last walk on Saturday, November 12, 2016. 

What made this final dog walk unlike any other final dog walk that we've ever read about? Scroll down for the full story...

1. A Heartfelt Message

A Heartfelt Message
In the United Kingdom, a man named Mark took to Facebook to reveal the news that his dog would be saying goodbye and that he would be taking him to the beach for one final walk.

2. A Surprising Turn of Events

A Surprising Turn of Events
He posted this announcement on Facebook and things took a turn when #walkwithwalnut begun trending and it paved the way for some sad scenes at the beach, as hundreds of people and their dogs gathered to say farewell.

3. A Busy Beach

A Busy Beach
At least Walnut got the send off he deserved. Everyone showed up to have one last walk with him. Just look at this scene!

4. AWWWW!!!!!!

Mark says he had no idea this sort of turnout would be the result of a simple social media post. He was overwhelmed.

5. One Last Walk

One Last Walk
Other dogs were happy enough to say goodbye to Walnut, who mostly had to be carried because he was so weak, but who mustered up the strength to take a few steps.

6. That's A Lot of People

That's A Lot of People
It's amazing just how the power of the Internet can make everyone come together to say goodbye to a much-loved pet.

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