David Eason to Amber Portwood: You're a Villain, B-tch!

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We've seen plenty of Teen Mom feuds over the years.

But never has their been a beef between co-stars as nasty and bitter as the dispute between Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood.

Okay, technically, they're not co-stars, as Amber appears on Teen Mom OG and Jenelle on Teen Mom 2, but from the way these two are going at each other, you would never guess that they could very easily avoid contact entirely.

And to the surprise of absolutely no one, Jenelle's unemployed and terminally bored husband, David Eason, has forced his way into the conflict and made things considerably worse.

Check out what David had to say about Amber in his latest tirade. 

1. Mad Dad

Mad Dad
As usual, David Eason is angry. And this time, the target of his rage is Amber Portwood.

2. Amber v Jenelle

Amber v Jenelle
The trouble started when Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans began -- let's say "exchanging viewpoints" on social media.

3. To Be Fair ...

Amber was the one to launch the first attack -- but this came after years of putting up with endless abuse from Jenelle and David.

4. Not Naming Names

Not Naming Names
Without ever mentioning David by name, Amber let loose for 18 minutes in a blistering tirade against Jenelle's husband.

5. Going Off

Going Off
"And you're a punk, and you're a p-ssy," Amber ranted befort taunting David for his lack of employment and urging him to try and fight her husband.

6. Jenelle Responds

Naturally, Jenelle was quick to respond with some epic trash talk of her own.

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