David Eason: MTV's Making Me Look Like an Abusive Husband!

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It's hard to muster any sympathy for David Eason.

Of course, the main reason for that is that he's an abusive bigot, so we really haven't put much effort into it.

But believe it or not, David feels that he's deserving of our compassion.

In fact, it seems he's very pissed off that MTV is besmirching his good name by airing Jenelle Evans' 911 call from when he allegedly attacked her back in October.

Fortunately, David has already been fired from the show, so no one really cares what he thinks.

Take a look:

1. Going Strong

Going Strong
Despite their many, many ups and downs, Jenelle and David are still a couple.

2. Flying Solo

Flying Solo
Of course, David was fired from Teen Mom 2 in February of 2018, so Jenelle is on her own as a reality star.

3. Sounding Board

Sounding Board
Jenelle spends most of her time on camera conversing with her mother, Barbara Evans.

4. The Defender

The Defender
While Jenelle devotes much of her screentime to defending David's honor, David is 100 percent unable to speak for himself.

5. Shattered Reputation

Shattered Reputation
Unfortunately for Eason, his behavior still speaks for him.

6. The Call

Jenelle's 911 call from as released to the public back in October, but many Teen Mom 2 fans are just now hearing it for the first time.

7. A History of Violence

A History of Violence
Obviously, this was not the first allegation of abusive behavior against Eason, but the fear in Jenelle's voice struck a chord with many.

8. Horrifying Situation

Horrifying Situation
“My husband assaulted me. He pinned me down on the ground in the yard, and I think I heard my f--king collarbone crack, and I can’t move my arms," Jenelle told the operator.

9. Too Little, Too Late

Too Little, Too Late
Though Jenelle never filed charges and dismissed the situation as "a drunk and dramatic misunderstanding," the incident cemented David's reputation as an abusive monster.

10. Painful Memories

Painful Memories
A tape of the 911 call was played in a preview for next week's Teen Mom 2, serving as a harrowing reminder of the whole horrifying incident.

11. No Surprises

No Surprises
Obviously, there's not much suspense, as we know that Jenelle does not leave David, and instead defends her controversial husband.

12. Surprise Twist

Surprise Twist
In fact, in an unexpected turn of events, Jenelle is angry not at David, but at MTV for documenting the incident.

13. Biting the Hand That Feeds

Biting the Hand That Feeds
In a new interview with Hollywood Life, Jenelle says “it’s a shame” the network is using the incident with David “to get ratings.”

14. Exploitation Accusation

Exploitation Accusation
Evans says she takes issue with the network's decision to drag the storyline out over two episodes.

15. Jenelle's Hell

Jenelle's Hell
“The crew filmed with me the day after the incident and I explained what happened. It’s a shame they HAVE to make it a cliffhanger for their own benefit to get ratings," she says.

16. Life In Denial

Life In Denial
Jenelle says she and David are just like any other married couple, and the October fight that resulted in her hospitalization is nothing to worry about.

17. Classic Justification

Classic Justification
“It was a stupid argument we had,” she explained. “Part of marriage sometimes is arguing and making up."

18. Turning a Blind Eye

Turning a Blind Eye
Jenelle says she has yet to watch any recent episodes of the show that made her famous.

19. DVR Too Full?

DVR Too Full?
"I haven’t even watched any episodes from this season yet," she says.

20. Aw, Poor Davey

Aw, Poor Davey
“David is upset everyone keeps bringing up old things that have happened and that we have moved on from," Evans says of her husband.

21. She Expects Us to Feel Bad For This Guy?

She Expects Us to Feel Bad For This Guy?
"I feel like my husband doesn’t have a voice and they are still trying to use him in their show,” she adds. “It’s not fair to David at all.”

22. Missing the Point

Missing the Point
Jenelle is certainy correct in her belief that Teen Mom 2 fans strongly dislike her husband.

23. Misplaced Blame

Misplaced Blame
But the reason for that is his consistently abhorrent behavior, not the manner in which the show is edited.

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