Cutest. Chinchilla. Photos. Ever.

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This is the cutest animal on the planet. It is a Chinchilla named Bubu.

1. Chinchilla Drinks Tea

Chinchilla Drinks Tea
This Chinchilla has a stressful life. It's time for a tea break.

2. Chinchilla Plays the Trumpet

Chinchilla Plays the Trumpet
Got any requests?

3. Chinchilla Sells Popcorn

Chinchilla Sells Popcorn
We may need like 29 bags of popcorn this size to fill us up, but still. Totes adorbs.

4. Chinchilla Admires Herself

Chinchilla Admires Herself
You're good enough. You're pretty enough. And, gosh darn it, people like you!

5. Chinchilla Irons

Chinchilla Irons
Just got a couple creases to get out here

6. Chinchilla Eats Ice Cream

Chinchilla Eats Ice Cream
We wouldn't have guessed that she'd go with Cherry Garcia.

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