Cracker Barrel Fires Brad's Wife After 11 Years, Internet EXPLODES

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If you spend any amount of time at all on the internet, then you've probably heard the tragic tale of Brad's wife by now.

And if you haven't ... well, sit back, grab some tissues, and prepare for this emotional roller coaster.

Brad is a man, much like any man, who is married to a hard-working woman named Nanette, and Nanette dedicated 11 years of her life to working at Cracker Barrel.

But those 11 years didn't matter at that much to the popular home-cookin' restaurant, because they recently fired Brad's wife. And they didn't even tell her why.

Brad is trying to get answers, but Cracker Barrel won't respond to him. And so thousands of kind strangers on the internet took it upon themselves to push for the truth.

And that's why, if you look at any one of Cracker Barrel's social media pages, literally all you will hear about is Brad's wife.

The world really is an OK place sometimes, huh?

1. How It All Began ...

How It All Began ...
Seriously though, why'd you fire his wife?

2. Utter Despair

Utter Despair
As you can see, people are really taking the firing of Brad's wife hard.

3. Conditions

The ball's in your court, CB.

4. U.S. Navy Stands with Brad's Wife

U.S. Navy Stands with Brad's Wife
Hey, there's a lot of people in the Navy. Can you take hits like these, Cracker Barrel?

5. Fired, That Is

Fired, That Is
People are moved to create parodies of old sitcom theme songs. This is serious.

6. There Goes the UK

There Goes the UK
Can America really afford another scandal right now? We didn't think so.

7. March for Brad's Wife!

March for Brad's Wife!
In these troubled times, we all need to come together. We're stronger that way.

8. The Peg Game

The Peg Game
Brad's wife: the woman. The myth. The legend.

9. Tom Brady's Jerseys

Tom Brady's Jerseys
Finally, someone asking the tough questions!

10. Mac and Cheese Heartache

Mac and Cheese Heartache
Petition to rename the Butterfly Effect the "Brad's Wife Effect"?

11. Not the Gravy ...

Not the Gravy ...

12. What Would Harambe Do?

What Would Harambe Do?
When you invoke the name of Harambe, you know it's some heavy business.

13. New Job for Brad's Wife!

New Job for Brad's Wife!
Clearly Brad's wife's story is a story that has touched us all.

14. April the Giraffe

April the Giraffe
That giraffe was supposed to give birth weeks ago, and people are STILL waiting. Investigating Brad's wife's firing is obviously the noblest of causes.


Ugh, what a disgrace.

16. We Will Not Be Silenced

We Will Not Be Silenced
Some people just don't understand ...

17. The Real Story

The Real Story
Yeah, turns out that Brad's wife is an older lady ... is some age discrimination going on here?!

18. The Real Story, Part Two

The Real Story, Part Two
Brad's wife is loved by all, truly.

19. The Petition

The Petition
Someone actually made a petition on to get answers for Brad's wife. It has over 10,000 signatures. Not all heroes wear capes.

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