Couple Gets Wasted, Somehow Spends Date Night at Target

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Tony and Alyssa Serafini are the parents of two little girls.

They are also both teachers.

So this husband and this wife spend a lot of time around kids.

With the exception, that is, of a recent date night in which they hired a babysitter and hit up a restaurant called Gibbet Hill Grill because they had a gift card for it.

The alcohol soon flowed, one thing led to another and the couple ended up at... Target?

Wait, what? Huh? Why?!? Read Tony's hilarious account of the evening below...

1. But... WHY?

But... WHY?
Tony runs the Facebook page "Bottlerocket" and got the attention of his followers with a post that started out like this.

2. Blame the Alcohol!

Blame the Alcohol!
"They have this drink called 10 Years Rum Punch that comes in its own little bottle,” Tony explained. And his wife downed two of them.

3. Down the Hatch!

Down the Hatch!
Tony likely had certain ideas of where the night was headed. We doubt one of those ideas was a giant retail store.

4. On Target. Really.

On Target. Really.
"My wife got two of them and then wouldn’t stop talking about back to school shopping at Target, but I didn’t want to do that because it’s still July," Tony wrote on Facebook. (And also because... who yearns to go to Target on date night?!?)

5. Can You Find Me?!?

Can You Find Me?!?
"We ended up at Target, and walked around shopping and taking pictures, like teenagers," Tony explains, making it clear via the photo above that at least this wasn't their a basic, boring shopping trip.

6. This is... Fun?

This is... Fun?
For one half of the couple, at least, it seemed.

7. The Most Amazing Part of All?

The Most Amazing Part of All?
This is somehow all Alyssa bought, despite shopping at Target drunk. We buy three times as much while shopping there sober.

8. What... Just... Happened?

What... Just... Happened?
We feel your pain, Tony. We know this wasn't how you hoped the night would go.

9. Rum Drinks and Target?

Rum Drinks and Target?
Many women who follow Tony had a different reaction. They thought this was THE BEST IDEA EVER!

10. Imagine If Target Actually Sold Alcohol

Imagine If Target Actually Sold Alcohol
Yes, this is an idea the brand is toying with. Best of luck to husbands around the world.

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