Couple Cradles Puppy Like a Baby

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Check out these ultra cute photos. They feature a couple treating its puppy like a baby.

1. One Happy Family

One Happy Family
This gives a new meaning to doing it doggy style in bed.

2. Mother and Quasi Son

Mother and Quasi Son
Who needs a baby to swaddle when you have a puppy?!?

3. Daddy and His Boy

Daddy and His Boy
Make sure to support his neck. It's fragile at such a young age.

4. Airplane Ride!

Airplane Ride!
Hold on tight, little guy!

5. A Lick for Mommy

A Lick for Mommy
It looks like someone is happy to be treated with such care.

6. Smiling for the Camera

Smiling for the Camera
This couple does not have a child. But it's quite content to have a dog!

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