Chris Lopez to Reveal "My Truth" in New Documentary; Kailyn Lowry Responds in Epic Fashion

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Chris Lopez is the father of Kailyn Lowry's third child, Lux.

He's also the father of Kailyn Lowry's unborn fourh child, a son expected to arrive some time this summer.

Beyond those two facts, what do we really know about Chris Lopez? What do we really know about his past and present with the Teen Mom 2 star?

Not much, right?

But Lopez is intent on educating the public... via an actual documentary he claims to be making that will enable his truth to -- at last -- come out.

Yes, you guys, Chris Lopez is filming a documentary.

Scroll down to see what he has to say about it, and to then read Lowry's response to this hilarious move:

1. Who is Chris Lopez Again?

Who is Chris Lopez Again?
He's the guy who got Lowry pregnant with her third son, Lux, and who, according to Lowry, has barely spent any time with the toddler at all.

2. Did He Actually Date Kailyn?

Did He Actually Date Kailyn?
Great question. Lowry would probably say yes. She once even said Lopez was the love of her life. But it doesn't seem to any unbiased observer as if Kailyn and Chris had any real, official, extended romance... just a few rolls around in the sack.

3. Does He Get Along with Lowry?

Does He Get Along with Lowry?
No. The veteran MTV personality has frequently slammed Chris as a deadbeat dad and has said she actually had a restraining order against him at the time she got pregnant for a second time with his child. Wild, right?

4. What's the Truth Here?

What's the Truth Here?
Another great question. That's what Lopez says he's prepared to finally reveal... documentary style!

5. Please Tell Us More...

Please Tell Us More...
Lowry's ex-lover took to Instagram on Tuesday, March 3, to tease that he’s releasing his own amateur film. On the social media platform, he shared a preview for the project, which focuses on his life and struggles as he learns how to box and gets ready for his first fight.

6. Get Ready, Haters!

Get Ready, Haters!
“Man, y’all getting the other side, y’all getting the part that y’all want,” Lopez says in the clip. “I got tired of hearing about me not being on TV, I got tired about being on social media and all this other stuff, so now I’m letting y’all in on my world a little bit."

7. Things That's Been Said

Things That's Been Said
He continues with his preview as follows: "I’ll speak on, you know, my failures, you know, my disappointments, trials, tribulations, things that’s been said about me.”

8. Why Didn't He Just Go on Teen Mom 2?

Why Didn't He Just Go on Teen Mom 2?
Lowry has said in the past that Chris saw that show as her domain, as her project, and he was shy and he wanted to keep his private life private. Maybe that was true, maybe it wasn't. But it's clear he wants to speak out now.

9. No Holding Back!

No Holding Back!
The soon-to-be father of two vowed that the documentary, which is coming from Dream Scene Productions, will “clear up rumors” and “follow [him] through [his] journey.” It will also follow his goal, which is that he “wants to fight.” He promises that viewers will “get it all.”

10. Will Anyone Actually Watch This?

Will Anyone Actually Watch This?
It appears so. “Excited to follow you on your journey!” one person commented on the video post, while another added: “Looking forward to hearing the other side. Keep your head up.' A third chimed in with: “Excited to [see] what [your] future brings. Knew [you] were better then the rest when [you] refused to get caught up in Teen Mom drama. … Good luck on [your] journey.”

11. What Has Kailyn Said About Chris?

What Has Kailyn Said About Chris?
Almost nothing positive. "And y’all [haters] are right,” she wrote on Twitter after announcing her fourth pregnancy. “This was my fault [because] I had a child [with] this man."

12. That Wasn't All, Either

That Wasn't All, Either
FAR from it. While talking with Us Weekly recently, she also appeared to call Chris a narcissist... and a criminal. “Legally, I’m not able to go into detail,” she said when questioned about their relationship and the protective order she has against him. “Domestic violence and narcissism are very real subjects, and when I’m in the place to be able to offer advice, I will."

13. Whoa There!

Whoa There!
We know, right?!? Lowry told the tabloid that “we have no contact" when asked about Lopez and added that he “has admitted to intentionally getting me pregnant," which is a very weird way to phrase it. She said: "The circumstances surrounding conception are not up for discussion.”

14. My Bad, You Guys!

My Bad, You Guys!
"I know that the situation is not ideal," she continued in this interview. "However, the absolutely untrue and defamatory statements people are making about me because of this are out of hand."

15. Don't You Dare Judge!

Don't You Dare Judge!
Concluded Kailyn at the time, addressing critics: “At the end of the day, I have three children that are happy, healthy and wonderful kids. I know I’m prepared to raise another baby on my own and we are all so excited to welcome him into our family.”

16. What's Her Parenting History Again?

What's Her Parenting History Again?
As mentioned, this is the second child for Lopez and Lowry. The pair share 2-year-old Lux; Lowry also shares son Isaac, 9, with ex Jo Rivera, and son Lincoln, 6, with ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

17. What Does Lowry Have to Say About the Documentary?

What Does Lowry Have to Say About the Documentary?
“My hope for Chris is that he makes peace with his choices and finds motivation to be successful in life,” Kailyn exclusively tells In Touch.

18. And She Continued:

And She Continued:
“I also hope that he puts this much effort into having a relationship with our children,” she added in a nice touch of shade. "Right now, things are difficult, but I hope he does the things he needs to do in order to make that happen."

19. A Cryptic Conclusion:

A Cryptic Conclusion:
“I want to separately add regardless of what’s gone on between him and I, the measures in place now are to protect both of us, and will hopefully benefit everyone in the future,” Kailyn said to wrap up her response.

20. So There We Have It

So There We Have It
No release date has been announced for Lopez's documentary, but we'll keep readers apprised of its progress as the days and weeks go by. Is anyone out there really gonna watch this thing?

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