Chelsea Houska Faces Off With Adam Lind's Mom: Keep Your Loser Son Out of My Daughter's Life!

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Chelsea Houska would probably love to never hear the name Adam Lind again as long as she lives.

Unfortunately, Lind remains the father of Chelsea's daugher Aubree, and it seems he has no plan to quietly withdraw from the 9-year-old's life.

Houska has made it clear that she wants Aubree to have a relationship with her father,

The problem is, Lind is unstable and prone to substance abuse and violence.

And so, Chelsea has to proceed with extreme caution when it comes to allowing Adam into her daughter's life -- something that Lind's parents are not making any easier.

Take a look:

1. Balancing Act

Balancing Act
Chelsea Houska is in a difficult position. Her ex, Adam Lind, is a dangerous, erratic individual -- but he's also the father of her eldest child. And Chelsea would like for the girl to have a relationship with her dad.

2. The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy
Lind has long been one of the very worst of the Teen Mom baby daddies, which is really saying something, as the franchise has attracted all manner of irresponsible losers over the years.

3. Absentee Dad

Absentee Dad
Over the years, Lind has come in and out of contact with Aubree, his 9-year-old daughter with Chelsea Houska.

4. Short Leash

Short Leash
Currently, he is only permitted to see his daughter at school events or during supervised visits at a state-run location.

5. Necessary Precautions

Necessary Precautions
This might seem extreme, but Lind has a long history of substance abuse and violent behavior, and Chelsea understandably feels that he can't be trusted alone with Aubree.

6. Speaking On His Behalf

Speaking On His Behalf
On Tuesday night's Teen Mom 2 season finale, Adam's mother, Donna, attempted to renegotiate the terms of her son's visitation rights.

7. Face-Off Over the Phone

Face-Off Over the Phone
In one of Chelsea's most tense scenes of the season, she squared off against Adam's mom on the subject of visitation rights.

8. The Beginning

The Beginning
It all started when Lind's mother called Chelsea to propose a change in the rules that would allow Adam to be present during Aubree's visits with her maternal grandparents.

9. Yeah, No

Yeah, No
Not surprisingly, Chelsea was not thrilled by the idea of potentially putting her daughter in harm's way.

10. Unconvinced

"I truly don't feel like enough steps, I haven't seen any steps on his end to be okay with that quite yet," said Houska, likely reflecting on the fact that Adam recently missed a scheduled visit.

11. Keeping It Civil

Keeping It Civil
"He could go to the visitation center again and set up visits again," Houska said, in the interest of proposing a solution.

12. Chelsea's Curiosity

Chelsea's Curiosity
"Are you wanting him to have time with her or is he wanting to have time?" Chelsea asked at one point, presumably curious about what prompted this unexpected phone call.

13. Lying Low

Lying Low
Adam's mother has decided not to appear on camera this season, so viewers were left to piece together the conversation solely from Chelsea's responses.

14. Unsatisfactory Response

Unsatisfactory Response
"It would have been different to hear he wants to see her, from him," Houska replied.

15. Lost Connection

Lost Connection
Again, we're left in the dark with regard to how Donna responded, but it's safe to say Chelsea wasn't happy with what she heard.

16. Angry Houska

Angry Houska
"You're not gonna talk to me like that. The final word of it is I'm not comfortable. I'm not comfortable with it, I guess," she responded.

17. The Aftermath

The Aftermath
After the call, Chelsea and husband Cole DeBoer shared their frustrations over the rude request made by Lind's mom.

18. In Shock

In Shock
"I can't believe what I just heard," DeBoer told his wife, "I'm shaking because I'm f--king so mad."

19. She Went There

She Went There
"She flat out just said on the phone that he didn't ask for more time with her," DeBoer added.

20. SHE'S Punishing HIM?!

SHE'S Punishing HIM?!
According to Houska, Donna told her "it's time Chelsea stops punishing" Adam for his failures in the past.

21. Ballsy Comment

Ballsy Comment
Lind's mon also apparently said the current arrangement was "inconvenient for her."

22. An Upsetting Exchange

An Upsetting Exchange
Not surprisingly, Chelsea was deeply upset by the interaction with Donna, who apparently failed to consider Houska's perspective. Fortunately, Cole always knows how to lighten the mood.

23. Laugh to Keep From Crying

Laugh to Keep From Crying
"You only have 8 more years of this!" he quipped as the dust settled. It's funny because it's true.

24. Her Two Dads

Her Two Dads
It's unclear if Aubree's relationship with her father has improved it all since this season of Teen Mom 2 wrapped filming.

25. The Bright Side

The Bright Side
But whatever happens with Lind, at least Aubree will always have Cole in her corner.

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