13 TV Turkeys to Avoid This Thanksgiving

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More TV shows are on the air than ever. This is a fact.

As a result, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find the programs that are actually worth your time. 

In honor of Thanksgiving, The Hollywood Gossip is here to tell you which shows you should NOT be watching. 

That's right, these are the biggest TV turkeys of 2019. They all suck so very, very hard.

1. Almost Family - FOX

Almost Family - FOX
More like Almost Canceled! This freshman drama focuses on a fertility doctor who uses his own sperm to conceive at least 100 children throughout his career. As a result, the daughter he actually raised is shocked to find siblings knocking on her door. It's an absurd concept.

2. Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club - MTV

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club - MTV
Lindsay went through the motions of trying to remain relevant by implying she knew what she was doing by running a lucrative beach club. The series was tacky, and viewers did not connect with any of the cast members. It makes sense then that it was given the pink slip for being too boring.

3. Game of Thrones - HBO

Game of Thrones - HBO
Game of Thrones was a casualty of its own success. After going on an extended hiatus between the penultimate and the final season, fans expected a thrilling conclusion. What they got was a shoddy six-episode wrap-up that wasn't true to the characters or the stories that came before.

4. Carol's Second Act - CBS

Carol's Second Act - CBS
Patricia Heaton is a great comedy actress, but the script for Carol's Second Act is embarrassing. There are a grand total of zero laughs, and the series has been picked up for a full season. Sheesh.

5. Veronica Mars - Hulu

Veronica Mars - Hulu
Veronica Mars made a splashy return after years off the air, but the mystery was terrible. Even worse, the series obliterated what made fans tune in for in the first place. It makes sense then that Hulu has no plans to renew it.

6. 13 Reasons Why - Netflix

13 Reasons Why - Netflix
This Netflix original has never been the gold standard when it comes to storytelling, but the recently released third season was horrific. The entire season can be summed up in a few sentences. Don't waste almost 13 hours on this turkey!

7. The Hills: New Beginnings - MTV

The Hills: New Beginnings - MTV
MTV is on a mission to bring everything from the past back to life after the moderate success of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, but The Hills reboot would have benefited from a whole new cast. The returnees are faking the drama for the cameras, to the point it looks like they're reading from a script.

8. Shameless - Showtime

Shameless - Showtime
Shameless has circled the drain for years, but it lost the glue that held the characters together when Emmy Rossum left. Put this one down ... for good!

9. Ray Donovan - Showtime

Ray Donovan - Showtime
Showtime will forever be remembered as the network that let its original series run about five years too long. Ray Donovan has been going in circles for years. The recently launched seventh season is the worst to date.

10. L.A.'s Finest - Spectrum

L.A.'s Finest - Spectrum
Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba as the leading ladies should have resulted in a robust drama. Instead, L.A.'s Finest is one of the stupidest shows around. It's been renewed!

11. Nancy Drew - CW

Nancy Drew - CW
Nancy Drew is a poorly plotted adaptation that has been destroyed by The CW. It is a racier take on the novels, and it was not needed.

12. Riverdale - CW

Riverdale - CW
Riverdale plays out like a Snapchat story: A collection of scenes that have no actual plot.

13. Bluff City Law - NBC

Bluff City Law - NBC
We wanted to like this one, but there were too many flaws. Sketchy accents aside, there was nothing remotely interesting to keep us tuning in.

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