Celebs Star in Classically Awkward Commercials

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What was Bryan Cranston up to before he was winning Emmy Awards for Breaking Bad?

What about Naomi Watts before she started to earn Oscar nomination after Oscar nomination?

And what about Brad Pitt before he became... BRAD PITT?

The following video gallery features a handful of awkward commercials from the 1980s that find some of today's biggest stars shilling for Tampax, Preparation H and other brands.

Ready for a trip down shocking memory lane? Take a walk down it below...

1. Brad Pitt Pringles Commercial

Before Thelma and Louise, there was... Pringles??? Indeed, Brad Pitt stars in this very old commercial for the delicious snack.

2. Naomi Watts Tampax Commercial

Naomi Watts has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards. Who knew she got her start with this Tampax ad?

3. Bryan Cranston Preparation H Commercial

Before there was Breaking Bad... before there were all those Emmys... there was Bryan Cranston starring in this Preparation H ad.

4. Keanu Reeves Coke Commercial

Think Keanu Reeves changed the world in The Matrix? Please. He first did so in this Coke commercial.

5. Matt Le Blanc Heinz Commercial

How YOU doin, Matt Le Blanc?!? He was doing just fine in this Heinz commercial, if you ask us. Check it out now!

6. Stanley Tucci Levi's Commercial

Stanley Tucci in a wifebeater?!? Now this you have to see. Check out this Levi's ad, which features a young version of The Hunger Games star.

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