Celebrity Prom Invites: Should They Go?

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These students have asked these celebrities to their high school proms.

We think the stars should accept.

1. Gracie Gold Prom Invite

A brave high school senior asks Gracie Gold to the prom in this video. She should say yes, shouldn't she?

2. Kate Upton Prom Invite

A high school senior asks Kate Upton to the prom. Pretty awesome.

3. Kendall Jenner Prom Invite

Balraj Singh is a high school student in Michigan, and he has a dream: to attend the prom with Kendall Jenner. He states his case in this video.

4. Teenager Asks Miley Cyrus to Prom

A young man asks Miley Cyrus to the prom in this video. Should she say yes?!?

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